Seahawks QB Russell Wilson – Media Availability – December 21, 2021

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson – Media Availability – December 21, 2021


(On what was going on offensively)

“I thought the first half really kind of got by us. We didn’t have that many plays. I think we only had one series in the first quarter, I believe, is that right? One series in the first quarter, right? And then, second half or second quarter, we didn’t get the ball that much. We got the ball right before the half. We marched on the field, made some key plays on that drive, and then next thing you know, we ended up kicking the field goal there, so it made a three-game – a tight game. Got the ball back at half, we were able to run the ball well. We were able to also get the ball out quick to (Seahawks WR) DK (Metcalf) ‘D. Calf’ a few of those, signal some stuff here and there. We were able to march the ball. (Seahawks WR) Freddie (Swain) made a sweet play. DK made a couple nice plays, big third-down conversion to him in. We end up running the touchdown in. That was huge. The rest of the half the score was 10-10. The score was 10-10, I think there was about eight minutes to go, something like that. It’s third and 18 for them and they get the conversion on the first down off the penalty and they ended up scoring on that drive. Made it 17-10. We get the ball back, it’s third and one – unfortunately – we go offsides. We think we would’ve had that first down there on that play. And then next thing you know, it’s a huge key situation or whatever. And unfortunately, we don’t get the call, don’t make the play. I think that there are some plays out there we could have had, we could made and this and that, you know, I felt like I was a little short on DK on that one. I wish I could have had that one back maybe, but other than that, I felt like we played a good game. It was a tight game. We didn’t get as much opportunities as we wanted to. We had some third longs, you know, obviously, they’re a good defense. They had good pass rushers and stuff and third longs is always tough. So the game got away from us. It was 10-10 and we had a chance to win it, we felt like, and unfortunately, we didn’t.”


(On sensing any frustration from Metcalf after the first half)

“No, he wasn’t. We didn’t have anything between us or anything like that. There’s a moment where he was pressed and we ran the ball on that play, and he did a really good job of shaking (CB Jalen) Ramsey on a really smooth play, like he was saying, “Hey, I’m hot today. I’m going to be ready to go. I’m going to be ready to go.” So that was kind of his passion. Wasn’t anything wrong or anything like that. Me and him were super connected, you know, so there was nothing wrong or anything like that. He had a great week. He was focused. Highly focused. Ready to roll. So, there was nothing there.”


(On being 5-9 and how he’s feeling about that)

“It’s definitely disappointing. I think that the season’s been tough just in general with everything going on with everyone and just life. There’s a lot of real situations out there going on, you know, and COVID… I think for us, the only thing that we can do is get ready for tomorrow, wake up tomorrow and give everything we have. That’s what our job is to do, to wake up and give everything we have every day. That’s all I know. It’s definitely disappointing, you know, and I feel like this season we had some chances to win some games early on. We didn’t unfortunately. I think the season’s past, I felt like we’ve won those close games. I go back to, I think it was 2019, I think we had seven or eight games we won, you know, those close tight-knit games. I go back to early on the season, Tennessee, for example, we could have had that game. A few games just kind of got away from us. What I do know is that I’m grateful for each guy that gives everything every day. I don’t expect anything to change with that in terms of their mentality, our mentality, how we’re going to work at it every day and work at our craft. That’s the character of guys we have in the room. I know that it’s disappointing, you know, the good thing is I think that we’ve always created such a high standard of playing and winning and we found ways to just win these close games. And this year, unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it, you know and all I know is we got three more left and we’re going to give everything we have.”


(On the loss of Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett in the game)

“I thought guys were working their butts off. I think that obviously (Seahawks WR) Tyler Lockett’s, one of the best receivers in the national football, anytime he is out there, it’s always helpful. I’m just glad Tyler’s feeling okay, feeling good. It’s this COVID thing’s very real and he found out he had it. That was always tough. That was tough on all of us. And I know tough on him because I know how much he’s cared and put into this. And me and him are texting all week, just checking on each other. We were talking about the game plan, just different things. He’s such an amazing person, amazing player, amazing teammate. Anytime he’s out on the field, it’s always a good thing. Anytime he’s just around us, it’s always a good thing. So, but I thought guys played their butts off. I thought Freddie, they just brought off and made us a couple nice, really good plays. I thought guys really try to do some special things in those games. We almost had that deep shot to (Seahawks WR) Dee Eskridge, almost came down with it, you know, on the scramble that would’ve been a huge play. He tried to go, you know, go forward it, he had it. And then they end up, I think, knocking it out and didn’t get to see it all the way. But, um, you know, so guys gave everything they had, you know, and, you know, so, but anyway, anytime you don’t have Tyler, you want your best players out there. And obviously he’s one those guys in the National Football League, but guys played their butts off all week.”


(On Tyler Lockett being missed due to the lack of production on passes more than ten yards)

“I think that obviously Tyler has the ability to get open and just slow their past the defense. He’s been the best of the world ever since he’s gotten in the league. Eight years, however many years he’s been playing, that’s what he does best. I think that in the midst of the game, you know, that’d a really good pass rush. You know, we try to slow them down. We did a good job of slowing down for the most part and, and they made a couple plays, you know, I gave DK a nice double move on one of them. That’s the one I got hit and Joe makes a great catch on it, but that was a touchdown. Unfortunately, I got hit right when I threw it, but there’s some key moments in there. You know, and obviously Tyler’s, he’s one of the best at it.”


(On trying to go to DK Metcalf on completion to Gerald Everett)

“Yeah, I got my arm hit right when I threw it and I was actually going to Metcalf and they kind of chopped my elbow right when I threw it. So, my wrist or whatever.”


(On the fourth down play to Seahawks RB DeeJay Dallas and the no-call)

“Unfortunate. I think that DeeJay’s supposed to run a different route. I kind of told him, ‘Hey, run this one right here, you know?’ And without saying the name of it, (I) told him to kind of go out and release on this one and just free release. And it was the perfect look. I mean it was and unfortunately rushed. And they got right down the middle there kind of. Unfortunately, and tried to get the ball to DeeJay and got hit, right when tried to release it and he got hit right when the ball was kind of getting to him. Obviously, that was a huge play. Could have been a big moment, obviously, ‘cause the score right there was 17-10 and the ball would’ve been on a – I don’t know what the 32 yard line, 30 yard line roughly. I don’t know exactly, but that was a big moment and there’s so many other moments in that game. I felt like we could have capitalized and the game was 10 to 10 with eight minutes to go or whatever. So it was there for us and unfortunately got away.”


(On if he is playing up to the level he wants to play at)

“Well, where I wanna be is whatever our record could be – 10 and whatever it could be. That’s where I want to be. Unfortunately, I’ve been getting better every week. I had a great game last week and everything else. We had some key moments the past couple weeks. (We) had great weeks and they made a couple plays here and there. Like I said, we didn’t have the ball that much. We tried to do some different things, try to slow them down, up front. And we did a good job of that for the most part. There’s just some key, key moments in there, you know? And so, I think that to answer your question, I’m always going to keep working no matter what. I’m never where I want to be just because I always want to work in my game. I always want to continue to get better every day. There’s a tough, tough battle today. I mean, like I said, the scores 10-10. The game was right there and unfortunately got away with a couple key moments of miscues and stuff like that. So, I always stay encouraged. I’ll always keep working and that’s all I know.”


(On if they are still approaching the season as if they got a shot at the playoffs)

“I don’t know all the math of it all. All I know is what we want to approach it as is that we have a job to do and we have a opportunity to go play as tough as we can as hard as we can for our fans and for our own families and our careers and just try to do things right. There is no other way. You’re always going to try to do things right in the right manner, the right approach at the highest, highest level. You know, it’s a good football team we played today. It was a good game. Unfortunately, we didn’t win it. And what we do know is that the next day is the only day we get and so we’re going to do everything we can to give it all we have. And that’s the only approach we know Mike. It’s disappointing we didn’t get to win it today. Obviously, we’ve been playing some good football. I thought that this game was a good game. Just like I said, it didn’t end up the way we wanted it to late in the last, you know, five, six minutes of the game really. And we’ve won so many of those moments and I think to key moments, key penalties, key little things like that. Those things can’t happen in those kind of tight situations with great teams. And so, all I know is I’m gonna stay encouraged and I don’t know any other way. I give everything I have for these guys in this locker room Seattle and just everything I have every day and just our fans and I love this game every day. I’m going to come with the right approach, the right mindset, and that’s all we know. I know everybody else is going to do the same.”