Rams RB Malcolm Brown – Rams vs. Cowboys Postgame Quotes – September 13, 2020

(On scoring the first touchdown at SoFi stadium)
“It’s exciting. We had a good game plan going in. If those guys call my number, I just have to be ready. That’s my mindset, it’s going to stay my mindset throughout the year. I really just got to show love to the big dogs up front. They make it easy on me. Just to get two tonight, and have that first one at SoFi, it’s exciting. I feel like it may live forever. It was cool.”

(On if this win meant any more to him being from Texas and playing the Dallas Cowboys)
“Yeah, for sure. Growing up, a lot of us Texas guys are Texans and Cowboys fans growing up and everything like that. So being able to perform the way I did with the help of my teammates and knowing everybody’s back at home watching, it was fun, man. I know I probably got a whole bunch of texts and calls and stuff that I have to return. It was fun, it meant a lot to me.”

(On how the third-quarter drive where they went up to 20 points and finished off with a run looked similar to how the team functioned a couple years ago)
“For sure. That’s how we want to function. We’ve got a lot of stuff to clean up. We’ll get in there tomorrow and see the film and everything. But yeah, you’re right. That’s the way we want to function as an offense. I feel like that was a great drive for us and we just want to continue that and sustain that as much as possible throughout the whole season.”