Rams WR Robert Woods – Rams-Cardinals Postgame Quotes – December 29, 2019


(On what was it like playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the last time and having a new stadium next year)

“Just a good stadium, good atmosphere today and we finished up with the win. Defense played really well, put it up in the end zone a couple times, good way to finish out the Coliseum.”


(On playing college football in the Coliseum and what it’s like coming back after all those years and playing as a pro)

“Just a dream. Playing in here in , just seeing the stadium lit up. Just remember the big games, big moments. Then to come here as an NFL player, being able to play in the same stadium, make plays in it. It’s really just like playing in your backyard because you’ve been here so many years.”


(On how he would summarize finishing on a high note and if that takes the sting away from not performing to the standard that they had hoped)

“No, I wouldn’t say so. I would just say it’s just a good way to finish up the year. We ended up strong, ended up with a winning season. But other than that, we know we fell short of our goals. All we can do is just control what we can and that was finish this game strong and we did that.”