Rams WR Robert Woods – Rams-Buccaneers Postgame Quotes – September 29, 2019

(On the progression of the game)

“It was a really slow start. I feel like we are a good team, obviously. We won the first three, came into this one, down 21 (points) and found a way to come back and persevere on offense. Defense just (stay) consistent, and then come down to the final possession of the game and not getting it done. But it’s really the same thing even in our wins and losses — it’s starting fast and starting early. We got behind and weren’t able to finish the game.”

(On the physicality of today’s game)

“It was a good physical game, you see it with the run game – a lot of physicality up front. Held us to under 30 yards, I think. But really just playing physical up front. They were playing physical on the ground, we had to air it out. I think (QB) Jared (Goff) threw 60 times or so. Really, we were just taking what they gave us. They take away the run, we put up 400-plus yards through the air.”

(On if having two games within a 10-day span had any impact on today’s outcome)

“I don’t think it’s necessarily because of the short week. For me personally, I think it’s good for us to go through this loss early. Honestly, I feel like we are a good team who is able to bounce back, able to get a turnover, able to put up 40 points. So, it’s there. I think the biggest thing is just start early, be fast and don’t get behind 21-nothing.”