Rams WR Robert Woods – Postgame Press Conference – November 1st, 2020

(Can you kind of just break down what was happening for us out there on offense? The slow start and with as much pressure as was coming at QB Jared Goff today.) – “Yeah, lots of pressure. Got after us early. Clearly turned the ball over. I think they did a great job of getting after us, a great game plan early on to start the game, and really I think they set the tone and they started off the game the right way.”

(I’m curious, do you think it was as much their game plan or do you think you guys came out flat or do you think it was a combination of both things?) – “I don’t think we came out flat. I think we came out fast, eager, and ready to play. I think it was just they had a great game plan and we just missed out on some … They were getting after us. They were pressuring us and we missed out on some opportunities to capitalize on the blitzes, had a couple batted balls, plays that would have been big. They were just getting there right on time. If we connect, they’re big plays for us.”

(Where do you feel like you guys stand here at the midpoint of the season?) – “Same. Obviously good team. Same. Been saying the same thing for a while now. Got to start fast and play consistent throughout the whole game. You see our defense playing and play well. It’s really just playing consistent, starting fast. When we get behind like that, we’re able to bounce back and capitalize and have a fight for the Buffalo game, but this game got too far behind and just fell behind too early.”

(You guys had that big defensive play on their first series where fumble, you run the ball in for a touchdown. At that point, I know it’s a long game, but are you thinking, “Okay, here we go?”) – “Yeah, you think it’s good. You think that’s the fast start that we need, which it is. We score first, put it up. But really it’s just consistency. You could play fast. You can have a good play, but if you’re not coming off the ball the same exact tempo the first play, the second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, it really defeats the purpose of one good play and one good drive. The biggest thing is consistency and I think that’s where we need to measure our success, and right now, we’re not up to par where we need to be.”

(I just wonder if you could help me out with something here. Obviously, going back to Lindey’s question, they were capitalizing a lot on those empty sets and with their pressure and things like that. In an ideal situation for you guys, what’s supposed to happen on those plays in terms of being able to counter sort of that all-out blitz that they were doing?) – “Pick up the pressure. We have a lot of guys. You end up being one-on-one. What you expect to happen is you pick up the blitz, (Jared) Goff avoids the free rusher. He dumps it off to the open receiver, should have a lot of space how they were playing it and really just make one guy miss and have a lot of running space. You saw their guys getting after Jared with pressure, obviously with some tipped balls, and I think that’s how we were missing out on our opportunities. It was close in there, but obviously they were making the plays to stop our big plays and our momentum.”

(As an offense, you guys have 12 turnovers now through eight games. How do you balance wanting to make plays in those situations, like you said, when you’re getting pressure, but then also taking care of the football so you’re not giving them big plays the other way?) – “Being safe with the ball, protecting it. I had one last week, it was one of those take a loss and keep the ball at least, keep possession. I think that was a couple things today. They were getting after us where we end up turning the ball over. They got a touchdown out of it. Obviously, a couple good field positions. Their corners were ready to drive, a couple missed interceptions. But really they were just … Great game plan, getting after us, and we just got to be better, pick up our pressures, and obviously make adjustments faster.”

(Also, you don’t want to lose a game like this, particularly because where you guys want to be at the end of the year. But having a game like this going into the bye week, does that help kind of refocus you for the second half of the year?) – “You could take it how you want. You would like to win and have that momentum and just have that confidence, obviously, be 6-2 or 7-2. But just … You would rather have that momentum, be on the winning side to it. But obviously, I mean, you take the loss, you look at the film, you find some corrections. I think one thing, it allows us to stay humble and keep our head down and keep working. We’re good. We’re not great. We got a lot of work to do. So really it’s good. Keep your head down, keep working, don’t get cocky, find ways to improve your game this bye week, recover, and get better.”

(On the touchdown pass to you, what went right on that play that maybe wasn’t going right the rest of the game?) – “Rhythm and the drive, being able to move the ball, and then calling the play, for me being able to get hands on the guy, being able to come free. I think just being able to get involved in it and make plays for this offense, but really it’s just momentum and being involved.”

(Routinely now after games, Head Coach Sean McVay says that he needs to do better, he needs to put you guys in a better position to execute. I’m wondering as players, how do you guys take that? Do you think it’s Sean? Do you think you guys need to take more responsibility? When he says that, like, where does it fall when you guys hear it?) – “I think everybody plays a huge role in it. Obviously, coaches and the game plan, being able to make some adjustments. But in games like this and battles, whether it’s game plan or not, you still have to beat the guy in front of you. You still … It’s still want to and desire. So really it plays a part of everything, obviously, coaching and players. But I think if you have that want to and that desire, you can still be able to execute plays if we don’t have a good look, if it’s not schemed up perfect, if we just have that grit and grind.”

(I know this is a little bit off topic, but you’ve talked about it a lot leading up until Tuesday, and this is the last time we will be able to talk to you before that. What’s going to be happening with you on election day? Anything in particular, special or anything?) – “so I just got word I cannot do the ride share because of Prop 22. It would look like they’re kind of benefiting or pushing the Prop. So I’m just trying to work out some other things. Might just have to be word-of-mouth and just keep spreading the word. I know, or I think our mail-in ballots are due Monday, I believe, tomorrow, early ballots. Really just right now just go out, get your votes in, go out and we’ll keep pushing that up until election day.”