Rams WR Ben Skowronek – Draft Day Media Availability – May 1, 2020

Rams WR Ben Skowronek – Media Availability – May 1, 2021


(On what the last 48 hours has been like)

“It’s been the craziest 48 hours of my life. You try to kind of get your mind off the draft. You have an idea where you’re going. You have no idea where you’re going to go. But it’s been great. I was blessed to be surrounded by my family and my close friends. So, just having a support staff around me was great, but it was definitely a stressful 48 hours. I’m just happy I was finally picked.”

(On if he had calls from other teams)

“Yeah, I had a handful of teams. A lot of zoom meetings, coaches, scouts, a lot of people calling, so I had no idea where I was going to go, but I knew a lot of teams were interested.”

(On what types of questions they asked him)

“There’s a lot of get to know you type questions. I transferred after my senior season for my fifth year. So, a lot of questions about the transfer. Then, just about my upbringing, my family, stuff like that. And then, we got into the football aspect of things and did some plays that type of stuff.”

(On what he spoke to the Rams about)

“Yeah, actually the Rams and I, we really didn’t have a lot of contact. I talked to them maybe once or twice, but that was it leading up to the draft. So, they were one of the teams that I didn’t have a ton of contact with, but during those calls, just me being the type of guy, whatever I’m asked to do, to do it, come in, compete on special teams and compete for a spot on offense as well. So, that’s what a lot of the talks with teams involved and with the Rams as well.”

(On how he describes his game as a receiver)

“Tough, physical and reliable. I love to get in there blocking. That’s my favorite thing to do on the football field is hitting people. Maybe I play the wrong position at receiver, but that’s what I love to do. I think I have some of the best hands coming out in this year’s draft. Strong hands, I catch everything and I’m also a high IQ player. I love the game of football. I study the game of football. I’ve been around the game of football growing up. So, I feel like I’m savvy in that way and just a high IQ type guy.”


(On the Rams liking receivers that block)

“I just got off the phone with the receiver coach (Wide Receivers Coach Eric Yarber) and that’s what we talked about a little bit. So, I can’t wait, I can’t wait to hit somebody. It’s been a while.”


(On his transfer from Northwestern to Notre Dame)

“Yeah, you know it was a tough decision obviously, leaving Northwestern after being a captain there but I got hurt the third game of my senior season and I was dead set on going to the NFL. I did redshirt on the front end of my career, so before that season I was dead set on going to the NFL. God had a different plan for me, I guess. I got hurt. Kind of took a step back from everything. I was involved helping the younger guys out, but it was the first time I took a step back and the coaches at Northwestern convinced me not to go to the NFL, to come back to college for another year and I talked with my family, I talked to the Northwestern staff and I just took a leap of faith. I really wanted just new scenery and a fresh start somewhere and just kind of prove myself all over again. I love to compete and when I went to Notre Dame, there was no promises. So, when I went there, it was so much fun to compete for a spot, meet new teammates and learn a new offense and all that. But it was definitely a tough situation. There’s no bad blood between Northwestern and I, I love all the guys there. (Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald) Coach Fitz actually just text me after I got drafted, so those guys are family to me, but I felt like I had to do what was best for me.”


(On DL Earnest Brown IV)

“Yeah, (DL) Earnest (Brown IV) is a great kid. He has a strong personality. He was always dancing on the field, in the locker room, he’s obviously part of the guys in the locker room, but on the field, he’s a beast. I think that his best football is yet to come. He’s still kind of growing into his body a little bit. He’s just a natural freak athletically. So, I believe he’s going to be a great NFL player. He’s strong, he’s powerful and he loves the game of football. He’s going to work hard and he’s also just a great teammate, so I’m excited to be reunited with him and see him again. It’s been a while.”

(On earning a spot on the team)

“Yeah. I’m not sure what my role is going to be with the Rams, but I’m going to come in and compete and do whatever (Head) Coach (Sean) McVay asks me to do. Obviously, I don’t even know if I describe myself as a receiver. I did a lot of things at Notre Dame where I inserted and was blocking linebackers. I’ll play anything. At Northwestern, my senior year I had played some tight end in some packages, so anything the coaches ask me to do, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability and I just want to win football games. So, I’m excited to be on the Rams and I can’t wait to get started.”