Rams T Andrew Whitworth  – Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – September 15, 2019

(On going to the Superbowl and missing WR Cooper Kupp play)

“No question. (WR) Cooper Kupp is an extremely good football player. His attention to detail and the run game is the most special I’ve ever seen in a receiver I’ve ever been around in my lifetime. His attention to detail on that, he wants to come up with concepts of how he’s blocking more. What things could be more effective.  You don’t have very many receivers that are wired that way. Then also have the ability to separate and are special in the passing game as well. He’s a very special part of our offense and I couldn’t say that we wouldn’t be any more happy than we can to see him have success.”

(On the Rams being a special team)

“I think just really the week in and week out culture we have that exists here that starts a long time ago. It started from day one that (Head Coach) Sean McVay took over. The message he sent us that it was going to be about being family and communicating with one another and being real with one another. You’ve got to have alligator skin cause if you’re in this locker room we’re going to give you a hard time for anything and everything. We’re going to find ways to lighten it up and not let guys be serious or take themselves too serious. Most importantly were going to go out every week because of that and just have fun. Everybody shoot your shot, everybody give it what you’ve got. Take chances. Be aggressive. Wherever the chips fall who cares? We’re not scared of anything.”