Rams RB Todd Gurley II – Rams-Cardinals Postgame Quotes – Dec. 29, 2019

(On if finishing today with a win changes his outlook on the season as a whole)

“No, we just finish with a win – that’s all we can control the last game. So, we just kind of take this win and head into the offseason.”


(On how he would evaluate the way he has played this season)

“Anytime you can be able to finish out a full NFL season – I missed one game. But, to be able to just finish out a season, that’s always a great thing because it’s hard to stay healthy in this league. We kept everybody pretty healthy, other than a couple injuries at the beginning of the season. So, just happy for everybody that we were able to…we weren’t able to reach the ultimate goal, but that’s just life.”


(On what he makes of a season where the team fell short of their ultimate goal but finished with nine wins and the team wasn’t bad)

“You can look at it both ways – be disappointed or just be grateful about the outcome. Like you said, we got nine wins. Maybe one or two more wins, we’d be a playoff team, but we didn’t. We just finished the season off with a win against a great team that’s been playing pretty hot lately. So, we just take what we got – finished with a winning record, got the win today, and just hope everybody just kind of enjoys their offseason, for real.”