Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – September 26, 2021

Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – September 26, 2021


(On what it feels like when the ball is in the air on a deep pass and he can hear the crowd noise swell up)

“It’s great. I wish it would have swelled up on the first two. Help me out. I left a couple short to DJack (DeSean Jackson) today. But I was happy for him. He did a great job, getting behind the defense a couple times today. You know, I missed him on a couple so I was glad to make one of them count. It was a big play for us. Instead of going three and out right there, get a long touchdown and put a little wind in the sail so it was great.”


(On his receiving targets and how much fun this has been so far)

“Yeah, it’s been great. We do. We have so many talented guys. I think Sean (McVay) does a great job of, you know, just calling plays and letting us go out there and play and let me get through progressions. And our guys are just doing what they’re supposed to do and I’m trying to get it to them as best I can. I think we had a lot of guys touch the ball today and make plays. So that’s when we’re at our best. I keep saying it but, you know, when we make defenses defend the entire field and everybody on our roster, that’s going to be good for us.”


(On if getting TE Tyler Higbee going early was part of the game plan)

“I think we just kind of had plays that, you know, it wasn’t a specific matchup or anything like that. I think we were going out there and calling plays that Sean (McVay) did a great job of designing. We try and go out there and execute them. He did a great job after the catch a few times. Had a big third down conversion over the middle, as well. He’s an unsung guy for us. He does everything for us and a really talented player. I’m glad he had a big day.”


(On being in LA and playing in some big games to start the season)

“Yeah, I mean every time we go out there it’s a big one. We prepare really hard. You know, we practice, we work hard, we watch tape, we do all those things, and we get one chance a week to execute and make those plays. And no doubt, Tampa is a really good football team. You know, they’re Super Bowl champs. Tom Brady, the defense, all of it. It was a big challenge for us. Nice to go out there and play our game. We went out there and executed. Didn’t start as fast as we wanted to but did a nice job coming back when we needed to.”


(On Aaron Donald showing his love for him and the effect he thinks he is having on the team)

“It’s a whole lot better than when he used to be chasing me so I’ll take it. Those hugs are a whole lot better than the old ones. I’m just trying to be myself. I’m lucky to be in a locker room with guys like that. There’s so many different guys on our team that are, you know, great NFL players, great people. You know, I was the new guy coming in and they embraced me, which was awesome. And I’m just trying to be myself every single day, bring my best every single day and see where that takes us.”


(On another big game for Cooper Kupp)

“Cooper (Kupp) is a talented guy. You know, some of those plays were great play calls by Sean (McVay). A couple checks here and there where we got to some stuff where he was going to be open and did a great job. He’ll be the first guy to tell you, when everyone else around him is playing great, it helps. DeSean (Jackson) had a great game, (Tyler) Higbee had a good game. Woody (Robert Woods) made a great catch on third down. I mean, when we get that going, it’s tough to zero in on one guy. And, you know, Cooper just got his opportunities and made the most of them.”


(On Sony Michel’s contribution and the protection he received today)

“Yeah, Sony (Michel) was great. For a guy that’s still, I consider him somewhat new to the team, he had no offseason with us. To step in there and play like he did today was awesome. And our guys up front, it starts and ends with them. You know, our guys can go try and get open and I can try and throw the ball, but if I’m not standing upright back there, we got no chance. And they did a hell of a job today against a really good front, an aggressive defensive coordinator that wants to send pressures. They did a great job of picking them up and giving me time to kind of survey the field and get the ball to the right guy. So every week we talk about being the most physical team and that starts with those guys and I think they did it again today.”


(On if there is a joy with the problem pliability and problem-solving abilities of this offense)

“Yeah, definitely. I think each team we go up against presents a new challenge for us every single week and we have to go out there and try to find a way to solve that problem and figure out the best way to score points. Some weeks, like this week, it’s going to be throwing the ball a lot more than we run it. You know, other weeks it will be vice versa, maybe down the field, short passes. But I think Sean does a great job of giving us a game plan that really keeps the defense on their toes. I mean, we threw the ball underneath today, we threw screens, we threw it over the top, we ran the ball, we play actioned, we did a little bit of everything. So when he’s got us going like that, you know, it’s fun to go out there and execute them.”


(On if it’s hard to come off of a game like this and prepare for another opponent that is 3-0)

“No, they’ll get your attention quick. You know, it’s a really good football team. I played Arizona a bunch in my past when I was in Detroit. I’m a little bit familiar with them. High-powered offense, game changing players on defense, added J.J. Watt to the mix. They’re a really talented group. It will be another big challenge for us. But the only thing we can do is prepare for the next one and go out there and try to get a win.”


(On if he saw Sean McVay running to the tunnel)

“Yeah, at some point, I saw him. He was going crazy which was awesome. It was a lot of fun to play. We had kind of talked about earlier in the week, you know, possibly getting a chance to get DJack (DeSean Jackson) down the field on that one. I’m glad he went to it and then we were able to execute.”


(On what he was seeing from the Buccaneer’s defense on the touchdown passes)

“It wasn’t easy. They’re a talented team. You know, I think our guys did a great job of getting open, getting behind them a couple times. (Tyler) Higbee did a great job scoring on the screen. Cooper (Kupp) did a nice job twice kind of catching it and getting it in.  He’s an aggressive defensive coordinator. They’re an aggressive defense. We had some opportunities in some tight coverage and our guys won those matchups which was huge for us.”


(On if he thinks he is playing with a lot of great players on this roster)

“Yeah, I don’t want to rehash all the years I was there to be honest with you. But I just know that I feel grateful to step in the huddle with the guys that I have, both the guys up front that are playing at the level that they’re playing at right now and the guys around me in the skilled positions.  I’m enjoying every minute of it and trying to make the most of it and seeing where it will take us.”