Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – September 12, 2021

Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – September 12, 2021


(On how he felt about his first game as a Ram tonight)

It was awesome. You know, it was a complete team win. Obviously, our defense did a great job getting the ball back for us three or four times it felt like. Great job on fourth down a couple times turning the ball over. As an offense, it was tough kind of to get into a rhythm the first half. We only had four possessions, but we were explosive on some of those and made some big plays. You know, Sean (McVay) dialed it up great and our guys went out and executed. A lot to learn. Some good to take away from it and keep building on it. Obviously, some plays we’d love to have back like every single game.”


(On breaking down the first couple explosive plays)

“You know, just a play action on the first one to Van (Jefferson). He did a great job of getting behind the defense. Our guys up front did a great job on that one. I had all day. And I was able to shoot that one down to the field to him. He did a great job getting up and scoring which is always fun. And then the second one to Cooper (Kupp), that was a great call by Sean (McVay). Perfect coverage for the play. Our guys up front again gave me a bunch of time. It takes time for guys to get down the field. Cooper (Kupp) did a great job, again, just getting behind the defense and I was able to get it out there to a decent spot for him.”


(On the chemistry with teammates and being able to get different guys the ball)

“Yeah, that’s when we’re going to be at our best, when everyone gets involved in the game.  I’m not sure how many different guys had catches, but it felt like a bunch. You know, those guys are talented playmakers. I’ll do it a different way. So I’m trying to do everything I can to make sure those guys are able to show their abilities and go out there and play.”


(On how he picked this sweater for tonight)

“Kelly (Stafford) told me to wear it, so I’m wearing it.”


(On how it felt to finally get out on the field)

“A lot of anticipation for this game. You know, for me, it’s a new experience for me. A new place, new stadium, new fans. The whole deal. But this team has embraced me and I really appreciate that. I’ve done everything I can to try to just work as hard as I can and get myself in this team. And they wrapped their arms around me and it felt good to go out there and play with them tonight. Such incredible players on this team. I’m lucky to be a part of it. I want to do everything I can to try and lead this team. It’s where we want to go. Obviously, this is just one. Gotta keep building on this. But it felt great to get out there and go play.”


(On if it was difficult to adjust to a new offensive system and a new team)

“No, it’s tough. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work for me and a lot of work for everybody. Sean’s (McVay) put in a ton of hours with me. Kevin O’Connell has put in a ton of hours with me. Our offense has put in a ton of hours just trying to bring me up to speed. I’m the new guy in a system where everyone kind of knows what’s going on. So I just appreciate all the hard work and the patience they’ve had with me to get me to this point. And I’m trying to go out there and grasp it and lead us in the right direction.


(On if he felt comfortable tonight)

“Yeah, I mean, once the ball is snapped it’s football. There’s new plays in a new stadium, throwing to guys in a different uniform. But I’m happy where I’m at and I’m pleased with how it went tonight.”

(On if we are gaining confidence in the redzone early in the season)

“Yeah, obviously, we didn’t come away with the points there, and didn’t come up with the touchdown on one. I felt like we should have. That was on me. I wish I could have given Robert (Woods) a better ball, the second or third drive, whichever one it was. But, yeah, Cooper (Kupp) didn’t score on the one.

And then it was great to see the guys upfront just push the line of scrimmage and let (Darrell) Henderson walk in. I thought it was great on that play. I thought it was great late in the fourth quarter, just being able to run the clock out. I mean we were running the ball. Cooper (Kupp) had a huge third down and 13 conversion on just a bubble behind the line of scrimmage and our guys outside blocked for him.

So it’s fun to be a part of those drives where you’re winning the game andyou’re able to put kind of put the finishing touches on it.”


(On his emotions after his first touchdown throw)

“I was feeling good. You know, that’s a pretty good start. So, I was happy for our team, happy for Van (Jefferson). He’s had a great offseason, a great lead up to the season. And to catch it, fall down, get back up and get in the end zone, that’s a huge play, a huge momentum thing. And especially right after our defense got us a turnover and got us the ball back. A big play after big play is a lot of fun to be a part of. I don’t know, man, I was jacked up and having fun out there.”


(On if he saw Cooper Kupp get into the endzone after he was knocked down on the touchdown throw)

No, I mean I got hit a little bit late. I didn’t know there was a penalty until 10 minutes later. But I got hit and kind of rolled over, tried to get up as fast as I could to see if it was a good one and then I saw him trotting in the end zone. I figured it was in a good spot but didn’t get to see it all the way. It seemed like it was a good one.”


(On Jalen Ramsey being one of the first teammates around him after the touchdown throw)

“Yeah, I noticed it. It was awesome. You know, he’s a great teammate. He’s a guy that pushes me and pushes our entire receiving core. Everybody’s he’s guarding, that’s as good as a match up you’re going to get in this league and we get to see every single day. I tell those guys all the time, this is as good a practice I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve got extremely talented guys on both sides of the ball.

It’s a lot of fun to go out there and compete. At the end of the day, if we get the best of them one day, they’re going ‘Man, they’re on our team.’ And if they get the best of us one day, we’re going, ‘Shoot, I love having that defense on our team.’ So it was cool for him to be out there celebrating with me. I was having fun. He seemed like he was having a good time too.”


(On if he got a game ball and what that means to him)

“I did. It’s awesome. It means a lot. I was in a place for a long time. Getting to a new place and being able to come out, you know, week one, night one, and get a win and play the way we did, it feels good. A lot of work to be done. But it’s definitely a good start. Thank you, guys.”