Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – October 3, 2021

Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – October 3, 2021


(On what he saw out on the field today)

“Yeah, I think I just didn’t make enough plays. There was some opportunities early in that game for us to score points and, you know, for me to make some throws and I didn’t make those. It’s obviously disappointing. I don’t want to not make those throws. I want to make those for our guys and for our team. I just got to go back and be better. I’m going to have another opportunity. The good thing is we play again on Thursday. So I won’t have to sit and think about this one too long. It will be a big challenge going into Seattle here in a couple days. A lot to learn, a lot to unpack, like you said. But I think it boils down to early in that game, missing some opportunities, whether it be on third down or in the red zone to score some points against a team that, frankly, was going to be scoring some points on offense. A really talented group they have over there. And we knew it was going to have to be one of those games where kind of blow for blow, maybe at a certain point. And we put our defense in a bad spot earlier there not coming away with some points.”


(On if he was off today or if it was something their defense was doing)

“No, it wasn’t their defense. It was just on me. I got to make those throws. It’s pretty plain and simple to be honest with you.”


(On the interception thrown on the deep pass to DeSean Jackson)

“Yeah, (Byron) Murphy (Jr.) did a nice job of playing it, kind of top down. You know, there’s a throw out there that gets completed. The one I picked to try and throw, you know, wasn’t the right one. You know, maybe a little bit more air and further towards the sideline probably. I felt like he was on top, so I was kind of trying to drive it there and get it there before he could get there. He did a nice job of making a play. You know, that’s one of those plays going, ‘Man, I wish I would have seen it a little bit different and put it to a different spot.’ DeSean did a good job of getting open. I just got to find the right throw there and get it to him.”


(On the third and goal pass to Cooper Kupp that resulted in an incomplete pass and a field goal attempt)

“Yeah, definitely. He ran a great route. I tried to hold the safety in the middle of the field and by the time I peeked back, I felt like he was kind of stumbling out of his route a little bit. So I threw it to a spot where I’m sitting there going, ‘Man, I wish I would have just…’ I think right as I let it go, he probably gains his momentum again and he’s hauling wide open down the field. So I got to give him opportunities. I think of that one. I think of the early third down to (Tyler) Higbee down the sideline early in the game. Just give him a chance, you know? Don’t leave that one where no one can catch it. You know, there’s a few in there that I sit and think about those where, you know, those are just physical errors. You don’t want to live with them but you kind of have to. And you got to learn from them and figure out why they happened and just go be better from there.”


(On if he thought he scored on the quarterback sneak play)

“I thought I did. But, I mean, those are so bang-bang, I have no idea. You know, I was trying to get us in the end zone there, fighting for our guys. You know, it’s not easy for those guys up front, for our guys on the outside, you know, to be running and blocking, playing basically two-minute football for a full quarter.

I got to give those guys a lot of credit. I told them in the locker room after the game I appreciated the way they played, the way they fought. We didn’t score enough points today. We didn’t win the game today. We didn’t play well enough. There’s no question. But I’ll ride with those guys any day, man. They were blocking their asses off for me. No sacks against that outfit is pretty incredible. Especially with the position that we put them in, you know, with the guys upfront having to sit back there and pass block, you know, when everybody in the building knew we were going to throw it. I thought it was really impressive by those guys.

And same from our guys on the outside, being able to get open to make some plays there late in the game. We just got to do it earlier in the game and a little bit more consistently. But, you know, it starts with me. I can give those guys better chances, better opportunities. And if I do that, I got no qualms about what we’re going to be as a team, what we can be as an offense.”


(On his throw to Kupp down the middle of the field near three defenders and if he thought that play was going to ignite the offense)

“No, this is a prove-it game. You saw it today, right? This is a prove-it game. You got to go out there and do it every time. Just because our team won last week doesn’t mean we’re going to win this week. Just because we lost this week doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the next week. And just because I made that throw, doesn’t mean I’m going to make the third and goal throw where he’s open for a one-yard flat route. You know, I put it over his head. You just got to go out there and prove it and do it every single time. And I wasn’t good enough at doing that today. I think as a team, we probably weren’t good enough, if you look at the whole grand scheme of things, just going out there every single play and executing it. But, you know, the person with the biggest hand in that is probably me, you know? I can go out there and play better.

When the quarterback in this league plays well, their team has an opportunity to win the games. And, you know, I’ll make sure Thursday I’m in the right place, ready to go, and looking forward to it.”


(On the sense of urgency heading into the fourth quarter)

“You know, I just was out there to take what they gave me. I thought our guys did a great job fighting upfront. It’s a really good defensive front with blitz packages. I think our guys did a great job of picking up stuff, really all day. We just missed some opportunities, on the perimeter. I thought the guys upfront played well.”


(On how you make adjustments after this loss)

“I think it’s easy when you have to turn the page so quickly. You know, the next thing I’m going to be looking at is…I’ll finish looking at this one and then, you know, I’ll be looking at Seattle as quickly as possible. You know, I haven’t played them as much as a lot of other guys in this locker room have played them, so I’ll have some homework to do and make sure I’m up to speed, ready to go come Thursday.”


(On if he will put this one to bed tonight)

“Oh, yeah.”


(On the defensive looks they were getting and how they made it difficult on the third down pass to Cooper Kupp)

“Yeah, I think so. You know, I’m just trying to throw the ball where I think it should go, where the coverage dictates. On that play, they were doubling Cooper (Kupp) and playing one hole the rest of the way. So he did a great job of slipping his defender early and running across the field. I was able to get it to him. But I’m just trying to spread the ball around to where I feel like the ball should go. I think those guys do a great job of running and expecting the ball every play. You never know where it’s going to go. I’m just happy that those guys were running and doing what they could do. I just wish I could have played better and given them more opportunities.”