Rams QB Matthew Stafford- Media Availability – November 7, 2021

Rams QB Matthew Stafford- Media Availability – November 7, 2021


(On how his ankle is doing)

“Uh, it’s fine. It will be alright. I just rolled it on myself really.”


(On his two turnovers)

“Yeah, I mean, the first one, the guys got a hold of me. I got to do a better job, probably just falling on that one or throwing it over (WR) Robert’s (Woods) head maybe earlier. Maybe try to get back through it. I can’t have that. I basically spotted them 14 points. Can’t do that in the NFL, especially against a good team like that, that wants to get out in front, run the football, mix coverages, all that kind of stuff. Just wasn’t good enough early in the game. Turnovers really killed us. Those were on me. If I clean those up, I know I will, I got a lot of confidence in this team to go out there and play some really good football. Our defense played good, good enough to keep us in the game. If we don’t turn the ball over twice it gives us a chance to win that one. I got to play better myself first and foremost.”


(On being hampered by his back or being limited at practice)

“No, no, I felt good. Felt good physically, just didn’t do enough early in the game. I took a couple sacks early in the game, too, that kind of helped them build a little bit of momentum where I could have probably gotten the ball out. I was probably trying to be a little bit too aggressive and hold onto it a little bit. There’s a lot of things I can do to clean up and be better. I’ll take a hard look at myself and know I got a big opportunity on Monday night next week to go out there and play well.”


(On him feeling out of sync)

“Yeah, I think I just got to get it out. There were guys underneath open. I was trying to probably do a little bit too much. I just got to play within the scheme, play within myself… do that a little bit better. Felt like kind of settled in in the second half. At that point, you know, I had done too much damage early in that game to get us out of it. I love the way our guys fought. We were close. Maybe if the (TE Tyler) Higbee touchdown stands, it’s a different ballgame there late. I love the way our guys fight and battle. I always appreciate that. Just got to be cleaner… turnovers, penalties, all those things hurt us tonight.”


(On what goes through his mind during interceptions, sacks and incompletes)

“Yeah, I mean, it’s a reactionary game. Football is a reactionary game. I just got to make a better decision there. I’ve been doing this long enough to know I can’t just throw one right down the middle of the field. If I can find the sidelines, get it out. That’s a better option. I’ll try to do that next time.”


(On not being able to practice and how that affected the game)

“Not for me. It didn’t feel like that was an issue. Really just execution, when we were out there, wasn’t good enough on my part. I just got to be a little bit better.”


(On being sacked)

“I’m going to have to go look at the tape. For sure the first couple early on. There was one late as well on a third down. I probably could have gotten one out where we ended up kicking a field goal. But I got to go look at it. Yeah, too many of them.”


(On shaking this game off)

“You just turn the tape on, learn from it. I’ve been doing this a long time. Had a bunch of good games, had a bunch of bad games before. I know what it looks like to go out there and respond and play well the next week. I think our team does. We did it earlier this year and plan on doing it again.”


(On his response to the Cardinal game and how that affected how he worked and prepared)

“No different than most of the days we’re in there. We have a great team that is full of guys that care about putting the right stuff out there every single day. I know we’ll show up to work ready to go. Pissed off about losing the game, absolutely. Ready to go out there and make whatever mistakes we made in this game, make ’em right and make sure we do a good job next time we’re out on the field.”


(On how tough it is to exercise patience)

“It shouldn’t be tough. I just have to take what the defense gives me. They were doing a great job of trying to keep it all in front of them tonight. I didn’t do a good enough job of just checking it down early in the game, keeping us ahead of the sticks and doing all the things that would build positive momentum for our team. If I do that, it will probably be a different ballgame.”