Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – January 30, 2022

Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – January 30, 2022


(On how it feels right now)

“I’m just so proud of this group. We’ve had high expectations all year. Done nothing but do everything in our power to try and meet those. It’s a driven group we have in there. This game wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t easy in some spots, but we found a way to win the game. That’s what it’s all about. I’m just happy and proud to be a part of this group. And we got some more work left to do.”



“I was obviously excited. A lot of change was about to happen for me and my family. That was probably my biggest thought at the moment, was excitement to come play with this group of players and coaching staff. These guys worked so hard. At the same time knowing it’s going to be a big move and a lot of change. It’s been a great thing for us. Just happy that I’m here and happy to be part of it.”


(On how much confidence he has in his receivers)

“Yeah, they’re great. Those two guys did an unbelievable job tonight. I got to give a lot of credit to (TE) Kendall Blanton, too. Stepping up when (TE Tyler) Higs (Higbee) went down and making some big-time plays for us was pretty awesome. Just proud of everybody. Goes across the board. And there’s guys that made plays to help us win this game both offensively and defensively. But those guys at receiver stepped up and played great tonight, there’s no question about that.”


(On how tonight was different than last week in terms of approach)

“Had to make some plays to get down there. Now you’re trying to make sure they don’t have a whole lot of time. Second-down play took a sack — wish I could have gotten that ball out maybe. Made them burn a timeout. But at the same time, wish we would have put seven up there. Would have felt a lot better sitting on the sideline. But I have so much trust in our defense and so much faith in those guys. They went out there, did their thing and got the win.”


(On what was going through his mind at the end)

“I don’t know. I just wanted to win. And I was just — when you’re not able to go out there and do it, it’s almost more nerve-racking for a player. So, I was just pulling for our guys, pulling for our team to go out there and make the plays and they did. And it’s awesome.”



“I wasn’t thinking I was going to do that. It just happened. Long time coming. Spent a lot of years in this league and loved every minute of it. I feel blessed to be able to play in this league for as long as I have. But I sure am happy for this opportunity for not only myself but really so many guys in that locker room that deserve this too. That’s what it is. It’s an opportunity to go out there and win another one.”



“That’s the question of the year. He’s been unbelievable for us all year. Huge on third down. Huge in big plays. Got blocks. Does everything. Great teammate. We’re all lucky to be able to play with him. And just so happy for his success. And his success helps us succeed as well. So, it’s great.”



“I don’t know that I ever thought about what I would be feeling at this moment. I probably just sat there and just wished I could be in those games. I’m so happy that I’ve got the opportunity to be in them. And I’m going to have an opportunity to be in another one that I’ve always wanted to play in. I don’t know. I’m excited for these guys and looking forward for the opportunity.”



“It was good. I thought we did a nice job. Our guys up front played great all night. We asked them to protect a bunch. We threw the ball quite a few times tonight, tried to get it out quick, tried taking some shots and getting it out quick. Those guys played unbelievable, that’s a great front. That front is as good as it gets in the league. Just proud of those guys the way they played. (OL Andrew) Whit’s (Whitworth) out there, battling. All those guys are battling through something. Just so proud of the way they played.”


(On the embrace with his wife, Kelly Stafford)

“Yeah, she’s fired up. And I couldn’t have done it without her. She’s an unbelievable part of my life. I’m so lucky to be with her and have the children that I have and the family that I have. It’s the best part of my life. This is great, but that’s so much better. To share that moment with her was so cool. She’s been through a lot of that with me. And we’ve leaned on each other at separate times to help ourselves get through whatever we’re having to get through. She’s special to me and I’m so glad I got to spend that time with her.”


(On what his take is on hosting the Super Bowl)

“It’s great that it’s here. If we’re playing in it, I don’t give a hell where we’re at. I don’t give a (expletive) where it is. I just want to play in the dang thing. But the fact that it’s under this roof, it’s going to be awesome. Our fans did an unbelievable job tonight making it a tough environment. It’s nice to send some of those red jerseys home. That was cool.”