Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – January 17, 2022

Rams QB Matthew Stafford – Media Availability – January 17, 2022


(On getting the first playoff win of his career)

“Yeah, I mean, I’m just excited for our team to get the win. Obviously, what a team effort. I mean, our defense played outstanding tonight. Special teams basically set up a score with (P) Johnny (Hekker) pinning them down there. Did a great job on field goals. We were good enough on offense to score some points and come away with a win. Just happy to be moving on.”


(On if a playoff win means anything to him personally)

“I think it means a lot more to you guys and all that. I just want to be a part of this team and help us win. I trust in myself, trust in my abilities, trust in my teammates. I’ll go out there and play and let the chips fall where they may.”


(On how special the environment was with the fans at SoFi Stadium)

“It was awesome. They did a great job. There was definitely, when our defense is out there, pretty awesome, you know, the way they responded and the way they came out and cheered for us tonight. Our defense did a bunch to keep them cheering, which was great. Just happy to get a win at home.”


(On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s throw down the sideline to RB Cam Akers)

“Yeah that’s a play we practiced this week. (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) is a super talented guy. He made that throw right-handed, he could probably do it lefty, too. He’s a freak. But just really well executed. (RB) Cam (Akers) did a great job walking underneath it, made a play. Kudos to (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) for calling it that time. It was an awesome call. I thought Sean did a great job of setting us up for success really all night and we made some plays when we had the chances.”


(On what the team learned from last week and how they implemented those lessons in tonight’s win)

“Yeah, I thought we had a great plan coming into the game. There were a couple wrinkles that they showed that were a little bit different. Some of the stuff on third down they were doing but we were still able to execute and make some plays. But Sean, again, came up with a great one. We went out there and executed it well and moved it up and down the field. We had a short field a bunch. Our defense scored. Those kinds of things are huge in any game and in a playoff game, it’s going to be magnified even more. Just proud of our team.”


(On the offensive line creating large holes for the running backs tonight)

“Yeah, it was outstanding. Both in the run game and the pass game. That’s a tough front we were playing. That’s a really good front seven. They can really get after the passer, they can stop the run, they can do all of it. Just proud of those guys the way they played. They played great all season, to be honest with you. Did a great job of keeping me clean, giving me chances to work the ball down the field. And then in the run game, moving guys out of the way and our backs did a great job of reading the creases.”


(On his initial thoughts about playing Tampa Bay next week)

“A huge challenge. Going into their place, a tough place to play, a place they’ve been really good this year. Obviously, a fantastic quarterback, great defense, a really good football team. It will be a big challenge for us. I think their team is different than when we played them last, and I think we are too. I think both personnel and scheme a little bit as you always evolve throughout the season. It’ll be interesting to see what they look like here as of late and we’ll go out there and attack and see what happens.”


(On how he felt about his performance tonight)

“You know, I felt like I was putting the ball in the right place for the majority of the night. I had to throw one away towards (WR) Coop(er) (Kupp) one time. But other than that, I felt like the ball was going to the right place in a pretty good spot. Our guys made great plays. That’s how I expect to go out and play every game. It doesn’t always happen that way. But just felt good out there, felt comfortable and our team played great.”


(On Beckham Jr’s performance tonight in his first playoff win)

“Yeah, he did great, both catching and throwing. He had another one that was called back too from a holding that was going to be a 25-yard plus gain that was great. He was separating all night. Making strong-hand catches doing what we know he can do. And just the more we have guys step up, (WR) Van (Jefferson) catches the deep one there late in the game for a big momentum play as well and then Cooper, what an unbelievable catch on his touchdown. They brought a full out blitz at the last second and had to get it out quick and he did a great job making a catch and then he iced the game in that four-minute drive with his couples catches and runs. So just a great team effort. (TE Tyler) Higbee got us started, it was everybody, both backs. But Odell definitely played really good football. That’s two games in a row against the Cardinals that he’s played really well.”

(On if it gets bigger in the playoffs then playing Buccaneers QB Tom Brady)

“No I mean, it’s just the next step in the journey. He’s an outstanding player. He’s been doing it for a very long time. They’ve got a great football team. Their defense is really stout. They played really well this weekend, so we’ll have to go and look at that. I’m not playing against him one-on-one, but I understand that he’s a great player and he’s going to get his team in the end zone so I got to do my part as well.”


(On what trends he sees from defenses and what he expects of Brady in the postseason that he will need to prepare himself for heading into next week)

“Yeah, absolutely. I mean, as a veteran quarterback, to be honest with you, I get that just about every week. Just about every week, teams are showing me something that looks like they did last week and it comes out to be a little bit different. This game on third down, some of their stuff they had not shown at all this year too. Got to just go out there and figure it out and go play. (Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator) Todd (Bowles) an unbelievable defensive coordinator. I’ve gone against him a bunch of times in my career. He gives you a lot to look at and they’ve got talented players so it will be a big challenge for us.”