Rams QB Jared Goff – Rams at Eagles Postgame Quotes – September 20, 2020

(On the 13-for-13 start and if he knew it was happening as it was happening)
“Yeah I didn’t know how many. They were kind of like joking around with me like ‘Hey, we want to talk to you,’ like when a pitcher is throwing a perfect game. I didn’t know how many I had but I knew I hadn’t thrown an incompletion yet. We were rolling on offense and again, I’ve said it before, any time we are able to run the ball like we were today it opens up everything that we want. Today was no different.”

(On the number of players used in the passing and run game and the number of offensive weapons he has to work with)
“It’s great. I mean it really is. It all feeds off the run game like I said. We have guys that can catch the ball in the backfield. We have guys, obviously both our tight ends, can catch really well. We’re four-deep at receiver right now. I’m super pumped that all of our running backs can catch out of the backfield. We’re dangerous right now when we’re able to run the ball and it’s fun.”

(On working with rookie WR Van Jefferson today)
“He’s been awesome to work with. Obviously just through training camp is all we really had with him. He’s cut from the same cloth as (Rams WR) Cooper (Kupp), and (Rams WR) Robert (Woods), and (Rams WR) Josh (Reynolds). Just hard workers who get the job done and get football. They don’t just play their position. They understand the whole picture, the whole thing we’re trying to get done on offense. He fits right in perfectly with those guys and has done a great job. He stepped up today. I think he had two or three catches and then the one long one down the sideline was a great play by him. He’s a guy I feel confident with and most throws.”

(On how he saw Rams WR Cooper Kupp respond to the initial fumble)
“He’s level-headed and I know he was bummed. No one is harder on themselves than he is. He was able to shake it off pretty quickly and I’m proud of him for that. In the past when he was younger, I think he could put himself in a hole and would think long and hard about it. It was good to see him move right past it. ‘Alright, let’s go. I made a mistake.’ I think it’s good for him and for everyone to learn from being smart with the football there. He came back and made a lot of big plays for us both in the run game and the passing game. His blocking and receiving today was unbelievable and something that probably won’t get noticed as much, but it was really special.”

(On the fourth-and-short play call and how the offense responded once the Rams converted)
“It was just a QB sneak. That’s what we call it, it was a QB sneak. Nothing crazy, but you know, we had that call up all week as a fourth-and-short or a goal-line play. As soon as we were down fourth-and-one there they were getting a little momentum back. We had a couple of good plays, kind of stalling on drives. We kind of got on that fourth-and-one and we needed a little spark. I knew he [Rams Head Coach Sean McVay] was going to call it. You can kind of just get that feel. We were so close and sure enough he called it and we got the first down.”

(On whether the QB sneak play call had a fun name)
“That play is too simple to come up with something crazy.”

(On what was working for him personally in the first half)
“We had guys open. I was throwing the ball pretty good. Great combo for us. And obviously like I said, I know it sounds mundane, but running the ball well. Whenever we run the ball well those keepers, those play-actions, they open up different than they would otherwise. It gives me a lot of guys to throw to. It gives me a lot of space. You know we have four eligible (receivers) out in space running around and I really just have to find one open. We’ve made that an identity of ours as far as moving the ball down the field. Again, when we run the ball well, we can kind of do anything we want.”

(On whether he feels like he is expanding his game by faking hand-offs and running keepers)
“I just try and play my game. I don’t think I’m worried about trying to expand on anything. I think I’ve done a good job on the move up to this point, but you know my game is a draw-back passer. It’s what I’ve always been my whole life. We’ve been on the move quite a bit early on. I think just continuing to get good at stuff I’m not good at. Early on in my career I wasn’t very good at it. I worked on it this offseason and many previous offseasons to get better.”

(On what it means for a player like Rams RB Darrell Henderson Jr to step up today and add an element to the offense)
“(Rams RB) Darrell [Henderson Jr] did great. He really stepped up and did a good job. I think (Rams RB) Cam (Akers), those three guys kind of rotating and then Cam going down early, Darrell had to step up in a game where he probably wasn’t expecting to get that many touches. Then (Rams RB) Malcolm (Brown) went down late, and again he (Rams RB Darrell Henderson) was in there by himself the whole time. He did a great job. It was really cool to see him run. He’s a player that we love and love in a lot of different ways. You can throw the ball to him, run the ball with him, and certain runs that we love with him. It was exciting to see him get his chance to shine today.”

(On the Rams reaction on the sideline after Rams CB Darious Williams intercepted the ball in the end zone)
“That was huge. That was really huge. They were starting to get that momentum back. They had the turnover early and we had the turnover, so the turnover game was null at that point and then we got one more there in the endzone. It’s huge. (Rams CB) Darious (Williams) is a great player and it was exciting to see that. Ultimately with those plays we try to score off them and I think we got three points off that one. Any time you get points off turnovers that’s a big win for us.”

(On keeping faith in the coaches and front office after an offseason of turnover and whether he felt pressure to fill that void)
“I’ve always had faith in our front office. Every year they make moves and people question and doubt. Every year it seems to be the right move. I don’t know why they keep getting questioned and doubted about it. They’ve been doing a great job. It’s always exciting getting new players. Obviously, we did lose some familiar faces but seeing guys step up, seeing the young guys step up, seeing some guys on defense. You just talked with (Rams ILB) Micah (Kiser), stepped up and made plays all day. You know [Rams CB] Darious Williams is a great example. Stepping up. (Rams CB) Troy Hill had an interception. (Rams CB) David Long (Jr.) playing great. (Rams S) John Johnson (III) has obviously been playing for a while but him playing great. (Rams S) Jordan (Fuller) filling in as a rookie playing great. I mean we just had a lot of guys step up especially on the defensive side of the ball and make plays. It’s exciting to see and it’s always fun.”