Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference – October 4, 2020

(On if the empty stadium and no fans is part of the reason for a slow start since the fans aren’t here pumping the team up)
“Yeah, I don’t think that has as much to do with it as us just executing consistently. We came out on that first drive and did exactly what we wanted, went right down the field and scored and made some good plays, some good runs and then for whatever reason it stalled. I think, again, I know I say this often, but it comes down to just us executing. They weren’t doing anything that we didn’t expect or that we can’t handle. We’ve just got to execute a little bit better and be able to put a few more points on the board. Our defense really picked us up today.”

(On the phenomenal timing of WR Cooper Kupp’s touchdown and from his perspective, what he saw and why the play worked)
“Yeah, there was like a voided zone in the middle of field there. We were going pretty fast and I think when that happens, we’re able to kind of get defense on their heels a little bit and they just didn’t have anybody in the post at safety. (WR) Cooper (Kupp) was covered, really at first, and then just kept going kind of skinny up the field and just kind of felt that void and got on the ball and he made a great play after. It’s a testament to what our offense is about there at the end. We know we need to drive to win, we know when you’re going to go down and score. We were disappointed about how the rest of the game went, but we needed it there and we got it done. And then our defense followed up with a stop and that’s what good teams do.”

(On if it is possible that the offense was pressing a little bit and looking for big plays)
“No, I don’t think so. Again, I really think it’s just execution. We just didn’t execute great. We had a lot of stuff that we liked I mean, I missed (WR) Van Jefferson down the field early on. We just didn’t execute great. It wasn’t one thing, it wasn’t one thing they did, it wasn’t one thing we did. I thought their defense actually played really well and should be given a lot more credit than they have been. They’ve got a good front and a good secondary and good linebackers and played well. At the end of the day, we didn’t execute, so we’re happy to get the win and you guys seem awfully upset about us winning so I’m trying to keep the mood up in here.”

(On what happened between the two teams on the field at the end of the game)
“Oh, I have no idea. I just saw a little scuffle and did my best to get people out of there.”

(On being 3-1 and how he thinks the team is sitting after the first quarter of the season and heading into the next one)
“3-1 is great. I mean, we would love to be 4-0, obviously we dropped the one in Buffalo last week, but 3-1 is great. I think we’ve got a lot to learn from this game, like I mentioned with the execution and just being better in all phases on offense. We’re happy with 3-1, it’s better than 2-2 and 1-3 or 0-4, but we’d love to be 4-0 and all you can do is win the next one.”

(On what this game says about the Rams defense)
“They’re playing well. They played really well today and I think if we had scored more points, they would have actually had a chance to really get going downhill and making a lot of big plays, but I thought they picked us up repeatedly all day and it was really good to see that from them. To see (CB) Darious (Williams) make that play at the end after what happened last week, how disappointed he was, to see him make that play was awesome. He deserves that. He’s a great player and that was a hell of a play by him.”

(On the first touchdown run by TE Gerald Everett)
“We kind of put it in this week. We’ve had an idea that would be good down there versus what they do and Gerald’s a great athlete and a guy that we can throw to or hand the ball to. We can really hand the ball off to any of our guys (Tyler) Higbee included. We feel good doing that and Gerald made a great play after getting the ball.”

(On going forward into next week)
“Just watch the film and get better from it. That’s all you can do. There were some good things we did today. It wasn’t all non-execution. There was a lot of good things we did, but consistently first quarter to fourth quarter, it wasn’t up to our standards absolutely. So, just practice and get back to it.”