Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference – October 26, 2020

(On what it was like seeing Punter Johnny Hekker’s performance tonight)
“Johnny (Hekker) is the best punter in the league and he showed it tonight. He really was a weapon for us. A few of those punts obviously late in the game, but just everything he does throughout the game and obviously his punting today was a big difference.”

(On what it does to the offense to see the defense come up with a handful of stops and takeaways)
“It’s huge. It’s momentum. We talk about it all the time. It’s points off of turnovers, points off of turnovers, whether it’s a fourth-down stop or actually a turnover. We had a couple of them there, the interceptions. We were able to capitalize on one of them, on I believe the interception and those are huge. That fourth-down stop in their own territory, we’d like to get points out of that. That would have probably sealed the game a little, but earlier but our defense played as well as they have all year and it’s exciting.”

(On how the offense operated tonight)
“I thought we did well. That defense is tough. We had to do some different things for them and make sure we were on our Q’s and T’s all night. I thought we ran the ball really well and then I thought in the pass game, we did a good job after the catch, making plays after the catch. There was a couple careless errors by me that we got away with but that’s the game. I thought we were able to distribute the ball pretty well and make some plays.”

(On working with WR Josh Reynolds during the week)
“Josh (Reynolds) is great. He’s a guy, I know we talk about Robert (Woods) and Cooper (Kupp) all the time, but Josh, I’ve been with him as long as I’ve been with Cooper and he’s just kind of finally getting his chance to really be out there and really have plays kind of tailored for him and really understand the in and out of every route and every play and he’s done a great job. He’s a guy I have full trust in and we can run him on anything.”

(On what it was like to see Hekker receive love from his teammates)
“It was awesome. I was a part of that as well and I’m not usually getting off the bench for a punt and that one he hit, the big one he hit in the fourth quarter, I believe, that came down and stopped inside the five, it’s exciting. We understand how important field position is and as an offense, I can tell you how that can be sometimes when they do down it inside the five. I believe we had three of them tonight inside the five. I told him ‘Johnny, you earned your money tonight. You did your thing.’ He was laughing, he did a great job.”

(On RB Malcolm Brown’s run in the red zone where teammates drove the pile to gain extra yards after contact)
“He got off the ground there. I think someone was holding him. He got in that big pile. Yeah, it’s always fun. Usually, I would say more times than not, you have the offense that ends up being able to have more guys on that side of the push. I was able to stick my nose in there and get a part of that push as well towards the end. I was excited about that. It was a good play. It was cool. It’s always exciting when those ones happen, you hear the bench start roaring. It’s good momentum.”

(On TE Johnny Mundt fit in with the offense)

“Johnny Mundt is a guy that we have a lot of faith in. We said this earlier in the week when we had an idea that he was going to have to play, but last year against the Bears he had to step in and play a lot too and we said, ‘This guy is ready for the Bears at all times.’ Johnny played really well. I thought that ball he caught and made a play after the catch was awesome. He’s a great player for us and a guy that we rely on quite a bit and today he had to step up for Higs (TE Tyler Higbee) and he did a good job.”

(On the tempo change that went into WR Josh Reynolds’ touchdown catch)

“I believe they had a blitz on, a zero blitz, and we had Josh in the backfield and put the running back at receiver and came out and snapped it quick. It’s a play we’ve worked on all week. The guy who was supposed to be blitzing ended up trying to fall off on Josh there, peal on him and it worked out. That’s the tempo that we talk about. When we’re able to do that – if we weren’t on tempo there, they may have been able to cover it, just how the play played out, but yeah it was a good one.”