Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference – October 18, 2020

Can you run us through a little bit of a self-scout today of your game overall?
“Well clearly it wasn’t my best. It was just some uncharacteristic stuff for me, missing guys open there early. It’s something that I’ve never done in my life and don’t expect to ever repeat. I’ve just got to be a little bit better there at being a little bit more accurate. That’s probably what I do best is accuracy and I would have put us in a little better situation there and given us a chance to a better chance to win.”

It was also kind of uncharacteristic for some of your receivers tonight. When someone has an uncharacteristic mistake, can those things compound throughout a team? It seems a little uncharacteristic for you guys to have so many guys have an off night.
“I don’t think it was compounding of anything. I think it just happens sometimes to the best of them. It just so happens that we struggled in some areas. Again, it starts with me and if I’m accurate on a lot of those balls early on, we’re not even talking about this right now. It’s a good chance, like I heard [OL] Andrew [Whitworth] say for us to look in the mirror and get better and come back. We’ve got another big game next Monday night. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, a lot of stuff to be better at.”

You talked to last week about not underestimating the 49ers even with their record. What do you think tonight says, if anything, about the division and what is ahead for you guys when you get heavy into the division?
“We’re in the best division in football and there’s a reason for it. These guys are good. Arizona is good and Seattle’s obviously undefeated. We’re a great team so every time you play in this division, it’s going to be a tough game and we know that coming in.”

Can you take me through the pick in the end zone? What happened there? What’d you see?
“It was man coverage and they made a great play. I thought [49ers CB Jason] Verrett played a really good game and it was a great play by him. He fell off his coverage and fell up underneath the ball and made a great play.”

After the Buffalo game and the Giants game, there was a sense that this was a team that could come up with a way to win or come from behind. When things weren’t going perfectly, did it feel different in that regard tonight? Did you still feel that it was going to or was it somehow different?
“No, it absolutely felt like it was going to happen all night. We had our chances, our defense kept making stops in that second half. We knew it was to score game the whole time and all way to do was get one. We had our shot down low in the red zone a couple of times there and weren’t able to get them off. Again, that’s a reflection of how we played tonight. We’ve got to finish out drives. We’ve got make better decisions. We’ve got to throw and catch a little bit better and we will. We usually do and I know we will be coming out next week.”

Early in the game, on the first couple of series, it seemed like you guys were throwing more than maybe you had in the past instead of running the ball. What were you seeing that made you guys want to do that?
“We liked our match-ups. We liked what we had all night and we had guys open. We had good things out there and we’ve just got to execute better. We’ve got to be a little bit better at execution. Again, I think if I’m a little bit better tonight, we have a different result and unfortunately that’s the way it goes, but I’ll learn from it and be better.”