Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference – November 1st, 2020

(How would you assess your play today overall? And then in the first half and into the third quarter, what were they doing in terms of the pressure that they were getting on you and getting a lot of arms in the passing lanes, things like that?) – “First of all, not even close to good enough on my part and throughout the whole game. Just need to be better, got to be better, I will be. Got to learn from some things and be a lot better. And I will be. But, yeah, they did a good job of applying some pressure. That’s kind of how they’re built and we did not respond quickly enough or well enough and that starts with me and I got to be better.”

(Can you tell us what was happening there? In the first half right after the kickoff, it looked like there was some confusion, some frustration and you ended up calling a timeout. Can you kind of just break down that and was that kind of indicative of just how the first half was going for you guys?) – “We just weren’t, at that point in particular, we just didn’t get lined up how we wanted to there and just had to call the timeout.”

(Was that something that was happening throughout the first half or was that only that play? Can you just assess that?) – “That was only that play.”

(Two questions: Was there any point in that game where you felt like you guys were solving the pressure or making some inroads there? And then also, how do you feel where you guys are now here at the midpoint of the season heading into the second half?) – “I think clearly we were able to make a little bit of hay there in the second half of the fourth quarter. It was obviously much too late. And yeah, I think this is going to hurt. This is one that we missed an opportunity here. And, like I said, it starts with me and I got to be a whole lot better for us. Our defense played really well and gave us all the opportunities we needed. And I think, like you said, looking at us right now, we have a bye, get some time to reflect, get away from it, come back. We’re 5-3. We’re right in it. We got to win some games, though, and there’s going to be some gritty games coming up and we’ll be ready.”

(You guys have 12 turnovers through eight games. How do you balance taking care of the football versus having to take risks and make plays so that you can put points on the scoreboard?) – “It is way too many. I think just I need to take care of the ball a little better.”

(Are you healthy? Are you good?) – “I’m healthy, yes.”

(You guys have fallen behind in a couple previous games. Obviously, the Bills game you almost pulled it out. And then the San Francisco game. Was there anything different today about the conversations on the sideline or the conversations with yourself because you kind of have the experience and a positive, a nearly positive outcome in Buffalo to draw on?) – “There was absolutely the belief we had the whole game. We believe in ourselves at any point in the whole game. As bad as it was going there early on, we still were able to claw back a little bit and play a little bit better ball in the second half. But again, too little, too late and not nearly good enough.”