Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference – Nov. 15, 2020

(On the offensive flow throughout the game)
“Yeah I thought we had a great plan. We came in with a really good idea of what they were going to want to do. They send 33 (S Jamal Adams) a whole lot and we were ready for it. Had a couple of screens right into it, which we love and a couple of good run plays away from it, which we love. We were able to run some play action, get down the field a little bit. I think for the most part of the game, we were able to move the ball pretty well. I think in that fourth quarter, if we were able to finish those drives with a touchdown it would be a much different outcome and we’d be, you know, really, really happy about it. We are happy about the win but being able to score 35 there instead of 23 would have been tremendous.”

(On the defensive performance against the prolific Seahawk offense)
“Yeah they’re really catching their stride right now. It’s really good to see. It’s exciting with everything that Seattle’s done this year. It’s really impressive. I know they’re happy about it and I’m excited to see them continue to go.”

(On the reaction to T Andrew Whitworth being carted off the field)
“Yeah, obviously tough. You hope for the best. Obviously, think we’re going to find out, you know, hopefully in the next day or so, but yeah it’s tough. With everything that he’s put on the line for all of us, you never want to see that happen again. Hope for the best, but he’s a hell of a guy.”

(On Whitworth’s words while being carted off the field)
“Just saying, ‘Let’s go. Finish the game. Go get a win.’”

(On WR Josh Reynolds’ career performance)
“That’s a good question. I think we just had a lot of stuff that was for him today, a lot of stuff that just came open for him. He’s always been a guy that we have a lot of faith in and it’s just a matter of time before it pops for one of these guys. And I noticed it was kind of every week, but usually one of those guys, it’s just their weekend and it was his this week. We liked the matchup with their corners and we were able to do a good job.”

(On if he expected the defense to be this good this season)
“Yeah, you never know. I mean, it always changes as the season goes. Injuries happen, the flows of the season happen. But yeah, I think I had a pretty good feel for what they were capable of, absolutely and you’re seeing it now pretty much weekly. They’ve done a great job. You can’t understate everything they’ve done and it’s exciting to see. It’s exciting as a quarterback to be able to be so reliant on them. You don’t want to be. You want to win that game by four touchdowns. We don’t have to score on every drive. We were able to rely on the defense a little bit and it is helpful.

(On if the offense is supposed to have a balanced approach to scoring points)
“Yeah you hope so. I think anytime you throw for 300 (yards) and run for 100 (yards), it’s usually a pretty good outcome. I think there’s a handful of plays I can think of right now, I missed Higbee by a little bit, we had Cooper (Kupp) down the field early in the game, put that ball out in front of him it was probably touchdown. Handful of things like that that go a different way and again, we’re probably sitting here with a bigger outcome, but again, it’s a Seattle game. It’s a divisional game, one we needed, one off of a bye. It’s a big one and we’re extremely happy about the win.”

(On how far he thinks the team is from being the kind of team that can put up 35 or 40 points)
“It’s just reps. It’s just making sure everything keeps clicking. I think we’re really close to answer your question. I think it’s extremely close. Today was a good day to see that. Run game, pass game, play action game, screen game, everything was kind of working. We’re just that close on a handful of those plays that would have really opened it up. And again, you’re complaining about a seven-point win, I don’t want to sound like that. I’m happy about the win, but we can keep pushing to be better and we will.”

(On how he feels this year has gone for him in terms of how he has played)
“I feel great, I feel great. We’re 6-3 and my job is to win games and move the offense down the field. I feel good.”

(On having a steady player like RB Malcolm Brown with him in the backfield and the big plays he made)
“Yeah, absolutely. He’s been doing that for a long time, which is the easy answer there. Ever since he was working with (Falcons RB) Todd (Gurley), when (RB) Malcolm (Brown) would come in the game, I would never have any thought that there was any fall off. It was always very consistent, always good in pass protection, always smart with the ball. He’s a really solid, solid back and we’re lucky to have him.”