Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Availability – December 20, 2020

Rams QB Jared Goff – Postgame Availability – December 20, 2020

(On why the offense did not have rhythm the first half of the game and what he was seeing from his perspective)

“Yeah, I think they did a good job defensively doing some things to prevent us from getting into that rhythm. I think with that being said though, bottom line we didn’t execute up to our standards offensively in the first half. I thought in the second half we bounced back and played a lot better, but it was too little, too late obviously.”


(On if he had any sense that a letdown against the Jets would be possible over the last ten days of preparation)



(On losing an opportunity to clench a playoff spot and where he feels this puts the team going into the games against the Seahawks and Cardinals)

“Yeah obviously a disappointing loss and it’s going to sting for a day. We have a game coming up next week that we were going to have to win anyways and I think we know that and obviously we’re disappointed with how today went and embarrassed. You’re sick to your stomach about it, but I think like I said, we knew we have to win that game against Seattle next week and we’ll handle Week 17 when it gets here. Next week will be a big one for us, absolutely.”


(On if he can diagnose the final two passing plays on the last offensive series)

“Yeah, the first one to (RB) Cam (Akers), I would have liked to give him a little bit more of a chance there or maybe progress through the play. Didn’t love where I put it. The second one, yeah I got everything we wanted, threw a ball out there and (Jets S Marcus) Maye made a good play. I mean, he made a great defensive play and we weren’t able to convert on it.”


(On what happened with the interception)

“I forced a ball I shouldn’t throw. I just thought I could fit one in to (WR) Robert (Woods) and he made a great play.”


(On if it’s possible for the young team to mature to the point where it can take advantage of these opportunities)

“I think it’s very possible. I think, like I mentioned today, it’s extremely disappointing but we’ve shown time and time again that we respond in the right way. What better chance is there to respond then next week against the Seattle Seahawks? I know for this week, really for these 24 hours, we’ll be disappointed about this, but starting tomorrow we’ll be ready to go and geared up to go up to Seattle.”


(On if the New York Jets were executing well or if there were some missed plays)

“Both. Honestly, I think it was more missed execution on our part. They played well defensively, and especially up front they were able to play really well. But honestly, we didn’t execute. I didn’t execute. We didn’t do a lot of the things we had prepped to do and that’s how you lose a game, is by not executing what you’re supposed to execute.”

(On if there was any thought to change the play to something shorter on third down and fourth down deep shots)