Rams QB Bryce Perkins – Media Availability – August 21, 2021

Rams QB Bryce Perkins – Media Availability – August 21, 2021

(On his performance tonight)

“It was pretty solid. Love to clean up some of the mistakes I had early on and throughout the game, but (Head) Coach (Sean McVay) did a great job of… coaches and the players really kind of put it on ourselves to kind of look past the mistakes. Mistakes happen and we did a great job of next play mentality and just came up short. But a lot of those early mistakes can prevent that situation from happening. But lots to learn from. A lot of good, lot to learn, lot of bad…not a lot of bad but some things to fix up here and we’ll be in good shape.”


(On when he knew he would play the whole game)

“It was kind of just drive by drive. He would come up and be like, ‘Yeah, you’re still going.’ So I was just ready and when he told me that, just kind of stay locked in throughout the game and whatever was asked of me I did.”


(On what it felt like to lead a final drive)

“During the drive, I really tried to stay focused and calm throughout the game. That’s kind of how I have to play. It allows me to play faster and play better. When we got it back up there, I was thinking, ‘Okay, one play at a time. He calls a play. Execute that play. Don’t worry about, okay, we’ve got to get this much yards and this much time. Just take it play by play.’ I think we all did a great job of that. Executing,  we know we made plays when nothing was there and everything like that. But it feels good. You kind of get a rhythm and things seem to click while you’re going on the field in that drive. But, yeah, just wish we could have come with that last one, but offensive-wise, we did a great job of marching down and scoring.”


(On if it was hard to stay calm in the huddle for the fourth down play call for him)

“No, I mean, it wasn’t designed for me to take it. But Coach was like, ‘Hey, if no one’s there, just go ahead and take off.’ So I came off with speed and once I saw the guy kind of lagging behind, I knew I could beat him to the edge and pick up the first down.”


(On if that play was designed to be a run)

“No, it was a roll-out pass but Coach always teaches us attack, attack downhill so we become that last option. So they had the guard all the routes being played and also had to guard the quarterback running. Coach does a great job teaching us that. He was kind of harping on that. ‘Every keeper, just attack with the ball, attack with the ball and on those plays where we attack and no one accounts for you, you pick up a first down.’”


(On if there’s anything he would like to improve)

“Yeah, I mean, sometimes I get hung up on that first read and also kind of just leaving early. Got to clean up the trying to escape too quick without… The line did a great job tonight and a couple of those plays where I escaped I could have stayed in and kind of read through the progression. So things like that. And just clean up protection. Being faster, faster, faster, so we’re not too down on the play clock like we were on some of the plays.


(On his comfortability level in this offense)

I feel pretty good. Last year, did a really good job of just sitting back and watching. I think a big help of that was watching John Wolford and how he prepared for games. He prepares the right way. And as a rookie coming in, and pregame, I’m in his hotel room kind of going over the script with him and see how detailed he is with everything kind of made me want to behave and want to operate in the same fashion. So coming in this year, I really made a point of it, trying to master it. And obviously with a year under your bel, you’re going to feel more comfortable. But I definitely do feel really comfortable back there.”


(On his first touchdown to TE Kendall Blanton)

“Yeah, no, we talked about the play a handful of times before today and on the game and Coach was just saying, ‘Read it through, go through it and don’t be surprised if it pops in.’ When the ball snapped, kind of saw the look. Got back to it. And then just as we work it, we work all these looks in practice and it’s reps after reps. So in the game, it may not be always perfect with your feet, but I feel like I’m in rhythm, especially on that play. Got back to it, and it felt like something that we repped in practice all the time.”