Rams OLB Chris Garrett – Draft Day Media Availability – May 1, 2020

Rams OLB Chris Garrett Media Availability – May 1, 2021


(On how he’s feeling)

“The emotions are just going crazy right now just to have this dream come true and for it to be the Rams and what their defense and what they’re known for. I’m just excited.”


(On his journey to Concordia-St. Paul)

“Right away when I got there, I was just small, and I had a hunger to get better and it really showed through just my relentlessness on film and just trying to get after the quarterback and getting the ball out. So just every step of the way I knew I had a goal in mind, and this was it – to get drafted and to play in the league for a very long time. So, a lot more to do, but I’m here.”


(On what the coaches saw in him)

“Just the passion that I have in my life. Who I am as a person, I’m just passionate (inaudible). That’s all I know is to just give 100 percent. So that is really what they saw, just a kid who was willing to give everything to reach his goals.”


(On what the Rams asked him during the draft process)

“Most of it was just like how do I see myself and obviously what the teams see me as. It wasn’t many questions, but they just wanted to get to know me, see what I’m all about, and obviously they think I’m a good guy the fact that they drafted me (laughs).”


(On getting noticed by NFL scouts despite playing at a small school)

“Playing at a small school and getting noticed, you have to stand out a lot. You have to make plays, you have to do all the extra stuff too so when they see your film, they know you’re different than everybody else you’re on the field with. I think I did that just with how relentless I played. Every other play I’m trying to get the ball out and just in my pursuit of the quarterback, for an example, I don’t think it was matched. I don’t think it was matched just how relentless I’ve played.”


(On how he ended up going to Concordia-St. Paul)

“I just was overlooked coming out. I had a lot of walk on opportunities, but coming from a poor family, I really couldn’t afford to go to Wisconsin. So, I just had to take the most money offered to me and that was a Division II school, Concordia-St. Paul.”


(On his impressions of the Rams defense)

“Big impressions – (DL) Aaron Donald, you have to start there. You see that man right in the middle and you’re going to get a couple of free sacks just because of that. So, to say I’m excited, that would be an understatement. Just knowing what I know about this defense and how firey they play, I think it definitely matches me more than any other team, for sure.”


(On his versatility as an OLB)

“I wouldn’t want to cap myself to just being a pass rusher, but obviously that’s what got their attention and they told me that’s what they’re going to try to use me as. They’re going to put me in different positions to make plays and to kind of see where I’m at. You know, coming from a small school, you can’t really see much but my pass rush ability and I have a lot more in my arsenal.”