Rams Linebacker Clay Matthews – Rams-Cardinals Postgame Quotes – Dec. 29, 2019


(On what it’s been like being a part of the Rams this season)

“Well, it’s fun. Obviously, when you join a new organization there’s a lot of uncertainties – a lot of anxiety that comes after spending a decade with a different team. It’s obviously not the final result that we would have liked to have not make the playoffs. But, for me personally the level of play in which I thought I played at this year as well as how we ascended especially on defense toward the end of the year. Hopefully that leads toward a brighter 2020.”


(On if he is looking forward to coming back next year)

“I’m going to take some time off…You try to take a few weeks off. Time for me to be a dad again. Soon as I can’t handle that, which might be sooner rather than later, I’ll probably start getting back in the gym and prepping for next year. But I’ll take a few weeks off, think about it and do what I’ve always done – just prepare and get ready for the next year.”


(On what it’s like playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where he played college)

“It was definitely exciting, especially last year, I had said earlier this week, coming back when I was still with Green Bay after 10 years that was really exciting. A lot smaller than I remembered it in college. Just so historic and to be able to – this is kind of where I started my career and to finish it here too is a fun story that the kids will ask about when I’m older. Looking forward to next year in the new stadium and hopefully a new record.”