Rams DL Earnest Brown IV – Draft Day Media Availability – May 1, 2021

Rams DL Earnest Brown IV – Media Availability – May 1, 2021


(On how he is feeling right now)

“I’m the happiest man alive right now. You don’t understand.”

(On who is there with him)

“My sister, my mom, my brother-in-law, two groups of my family friends and my niece and nephews.”

(On if he feels like he can be an outside/inside player along the defensive line) 

“Oh, of course. I mean, I feel like I’m a versatile player. I could play outside, inside. I think that’s what Northwestern had me do to get prepared for the next level, so I feel like I could play anywhere.”

(On how he felt after he found out he would be joining a defensive line the included DL Aaron Donald)

“Like I said, I’m going to say this the whole day, the happiest man alive. Y’all had, well now I can say we, we had the best defense the last year, coming up and I can just put some more on that as well and learn after some defensive linemen from the Rams, it’s the best feeling in the world, especially (DL) Aaron Donald.”


(On if he had a good feeling that the Rams would be interested in him)

“I definitely did. I talked to (Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson) ‘Coach Henny’ a lot. We kept in contact almost every week leading past, I want to say February, but we just kept in good contact, probably the best relationship at of everybody and I appreciate him for believing in me. I appreciate the Rams for believing me and I will put forth the work every single day when I get to the Rams’ facility.”


(On how he feels about being on the West Coast and his relationship with Chargers T Rashawn Slater)

“It is amazing. That’s my boy. Just going up against him at practice every day, well this was two years ago, but it just got me better. He went first round, he helped me out. He critiqued me on what I should do, and I critiqued him on what he should do. It just, it feels amazing because I’ve never been on the West Coast like that. I was born in the West Coast for six months and I left here for Texas. So, I get to feel that again as 22 years old. So, it’s going to be pretty amazing.”


(On the physicality of the Big Ten Conference and how it prepped him to play at the NFL level)

“Oh yeah, of course. At Northwestern, we learned the fundamentals. (Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald) Coach Fitz does a great job. (Northwestern Assistant Coach – Defensive Line Coach Marty Long) Coach Long, my defensive line coach, we all talk about the fundamentals of football and we get down and we got a punch, physical punch, lockout, extension tackle, all of that stuff. So, I think it really did prepare me for the next level.”


(On what the last 48 hours have been like)

“Just looking at the draft and realizing that I might have the potential to be a part of this thing is so amazing. It’s a once in a lifetime chance, and you look on the screen and to see your name called – it’s the best feeling in the world. I just can’t believe that you all believe in me. I’ll put forth the effort every single day. I’m going to show you all what I can do. I’m just really the happiest man alive right now.”


(On what his conversations were like with the Rams leading up to the Draft)

“I had a great relationship with Coach Henderson. We talked almost every single week. It was just catching up. He’s putting my mindset as being a ‘dawg’ every day and that’s really helped me out through training all throughout this time and it has been basically that.”


(On how evolved into a starter as a senior for Northwestern University)

“Freshman year, I was a young pup, of course, 18 coming out at 255 (pounds). I played almost every single game except for one, I played like five snaps a game. Then going into sophomore year, I was a little lighter. I was about 250 and (DE) Joe Gaziano, who is now with the Chargers, great player, led the team in sacks and was starting over me, and we had (Northwestern DL) Samdup (Miller), another great one that is going in next year, he came back from injury. Had that happen, was great on my last stretch, my last half of the season. And then junior year came in and I was 270, gained a couple pounds and felt the best at that weight. I was stopped shortly because of injury, my pectoral injury, but then motivation happened, and my senior year came, I started and that’s what happened.”


(On spending time in California when he was younger)

“So, I was a baby. I was in San Francisco, actually Walnut Creek. I was born there, but then six months – I don’t remember as a little kid, but six months passed and then I moved to Texas. So, this will be my first time actually since I was a little baby that I go back to the West Coast.”


(On if he has any experience in L.A.)

“No L.A. experience. First time in L.A.”


(On if he has any family still in Walnut Creek)