Rams DL Aaron Donald – Postgame Press Conference – October 4, 2020

(On the defense being on the field a lot and the stand at the end of the game)
“Just finishing strong. Guys playing together. We found a way to pull it out at the end and that’s what you want, so we have to continue to build off that.”

(On how the defense has been coming up with timely plays so far this season)
“Guys just stepping up and making plays. You have multiple guys that are coming out when we need big plays and they’re stepping up and making those plays for us. We have 11 guys on the field that at any time one of these guys can make a big play, make a game changing play – you tend to continue to close out games and make a big plays like that when we need it.”

(On how DB Darious Williams has played to this point and how it feels to be 3-1)
“I think (DB) Darious (Williams) has been playing great. He’s a young guy, but he has a lot of potential to be a really good player in this league. He’s a playmaker. He’s stepping up and making big plays for us. He has to continue to do that, continue to get better. Being 3-1, it’s a good start. I’m pretty sure that we made mistakes here and there, definitely today, but I’d rather build off and fix the things off a win than off a loss. We’ll continue to get better.”

(On how they were able to get so much pressure on Giants QB Daniel Jones in the first half)
“Guys making plays. It ain’t just one or two guys. Anybody at any time can make that big play and guys stepped up today and did that.”