Rams DB Robert Rochell – Draft Day Media Availability – May 1, 2021

Rams DB Robert Rochell – Media Availability – May 1, 2021


(On his initial reaction to being drafted by the Rams)

“Man, it was a crazy feeling of being around my family and friends. It felt good. It was just a lot of satisfaction. I’ve been through a lot, a long road. So, just to be able to hear my name called and see my name come across the screen was everything.”


(On his familiarity of CB Jalen Ramsey’s playing style)

“He’s a guy that I modeled my game after. He’s a guy that I love watching. He’s a guy who I really look up to in ways of playing cornerback. I just recently changed to the position. He definitely one of the guys I picked up on. Same kind of body style, same type of attitude about football. He’s a guy that I’m ready to get beside of and work and learn from.”


(On the draft process)

“It definitely was a long process, I enjoyed it though. I can’t complain about it. Waiting was probably the hardest part, just the pressure of not knowing where you’re going to go with, what’s going to happen. But the Rams are taking a chance on me and I’m thankful for it.”


(On if he had contact with the Rams over the past few weeks)

“Yes. I made the rounds multiple times. I met with coaches, met some of the scouts there. I love the coaching staff. So yeah, I met with him quite a few times.”


(On if he talked with any other teams)

“I talked to quite a bit. I talked to a lot of other teams in the league. Yeah, I did talk to a good number.


(On if it’s been a busy two weeks)

“Yeah, it’s definitely been a busy two weeks, definitely.”


(On how he feels he will fit with the Rams and if his versatility is an advantage)

“I see it as an advantage. I’m willing and ready to play any position and be anywhere I’m needed for the team. Definitely a best-fit type of player. Definitely a guy who is willing just ready to get in to get in and play a role and do what I’m told do, you know what I’m saying? So, I’m definitely ready and willing.”


(On if versatility was a point of emphasis discussed with the Rams)

“Definitely, they definitely use a lot of cornerbacks. So, they definitely told me about having versatility and being able to do a lot of different things on the back side of the defense. So yes, definitely.”


(On what he feels he needs to improve on to become a starter)

“Just working on my game, getting back to the basics. Cornerback is a position where you have technique, have to be fundamentally sound. So, just staying sound in that area and being strong with my technique and my movements and not wasting movements is probably the biggest thing that I’m to strap down on.”


(On his position switch and what he played in high school)

“In high school I played wide receiver, running back, quarterback. I was just the guy who scored the ball. I was the guy that kept the ball in, a fast guy. Came to college, still played wide receiver. I got recruited as an athlete. UCA (University of Central Arkansas) brought me in, my head coach at the time came to me, he said, ‘You want to make money playing this position? You should play DB.’ I looked at my mother, I didn’t even think twice about it, just changed my position right there on the spot and since then, I’ve been playing DB.”


(On if he feels he will be used as nickel if needed)

“Definitely. Definitely I’m willing to play it. Definitely I’m willing to get in there and be there and be the guy right there to play that position. I’m a guy who has big confidence, believes in myself and I’m always ready. So, definitely prepared to play that position.”


(On telling his mother about the news of being drafted)

“It was all worth it. Trusting and believing myself and trusting and believing her, being my mother. At the moment when we looked at each other in the eye she said, ‘Do it,’ and just trust her right there and still trusting her through all this process has been everything. So, just having that somebody behind you that you can believe in and not have to second guess is everything. So, just told her that we did it.”