QB Jared Goff – Postgame Press Conference

(on his emotions right now)
“Yeah it is always tough. It is extremely disappointing. You come so far, get out here, play against the top seed and feel good for most of the game. Feel like you have a chance to win, but obviously come up short. It is a tough feeling. It is tough. Disappointing.”

(on if he feels a sense of personal accomplishment having played well with an injury)
“No. I mean, we didn’t win the game. My job is to win the game. I was able to do some good things out there today, but my job is to win the game. Absolutely no moral victories, especially in the playoffs.”

(on not being able to capitalize on the stops that the Rams’ defense got in the second half)
“I think when we cut it to 25-18 and had that momentum, it started to swing back our way. You could feel it, but then stalled out a drive. I think someone even had a good kickoff return on that drive, but then we stalled out and had to punt. I think that was kind of our chance to really get back into the game and put some points on the board and unfortunately we missed it.”

(on if he had a sense of how his injured hand would respond today)
“It felt good enough to make any throw I needed to make. I think that is the best way to put it. Of course, it is still a recent surgery, but it was fully capable of making any throw I needed to make.”

(on battling through his injury the past two weeks)
“I think last week there was a bit more personal pride in getting back on the field. This week I was practicing all week and was fully prepared. Obviously, I knew I would be out there playing again. It felt good with my thumb. Again, I know you aren’t asking this, but I won’t make any excuses. I was proud of myself for being able to get back out there, but not proud of losing this game.”

(on if he knew he would be limited today)
“I don’t think I felt that that way at all. Does it feel normal? No, but is it capable of making any throw I need to make? Yes. I think that is the kind of difference. It won’t feel normal for six to eight weeks. That is the injury time, but it is still capable.”