Head Coach Sean McVay – Postgame Press Conference – Dec. 27, 2020

“Congrats to the Seahawks, division champs. There’s a lot of things that went on in that game – I thought the defense continued to battle the right way, kept us in that game. Enough mistakes offensively and really, I just have to do so much better job for us. That’s where this has been a humbling, tough, up-and-down year. A lot of good, a lot of frustrating things, but as the head coach you feel very responsible, especially with my involvement with the offense. We have to do some things better special teams-wise. But, I do love this football team. I love the way they continue to battle, compete ‘til the end. Goff played through, I’m sure the TV copy caught that he ended up hurting his thumb and kind of popping it back In place. I know he’s disappointed, we’ll see what the final verdict is on that. He was tough and gutsy and just continued to try and battle for his teammates. I’m just very appreciative of our team and now we’re disappointed but we still have a chance to kind of gather ourselves, regroup and see if we can get our tenth win against Arizona next week.”

(On QB Jared Goff’s turnovers this season and if he believes Goff is putting them in a place to be successful…)
“I wouldn’t make an overarching statement like that over that turnover. That was a costly one today. He was trying to make a play and kind of lead Robert (Woods) up the field on a keeper that kind of got strung out and the ball sailed on him a little bit and (Quandre) Diggs made a nice play. It’s a collective effort and as a coach when you’re responsible for making a lot of the decisions, things like that, as a play-caller I have expectations of putting guys in spots and those are things that I don’t feel like I’ve consistently done enough for us. Jared and I, we’re in this together and that was a tough outing. There was enough things in terms of moving the ball that could have given ourselves a chance. Not finishing on the goal-line stand and that turnover, those end up being costly for you, especially with the way that our defense played. But, make no excuses like you guys will hear me consistently say. Gotta go back, look at it, figure out a way to get better and I know that’s my responsible and that’s what we gotta do.”

(On Goff’s interception and what he would have liked to see him do…)
“You would obviously like that play back. Where I was at, I actually was kind of right in behind him, you’d like to see him just continue to attack with the ball up and probably come away with a couple yards, but sometimes when you’re getting flushed those lanes can open up. What it appeared to be, and I can’t speak for him, but you could see he was kind of just trying to lead Robert (Woods) and he felt like there was a void just in behind him a little bit more vertical. But, it was a short field, the middle safety doesn’t have any vertical grass to defend when you’re in that tight red area. The ball sailed on him and Diggs made a nice pick.”

(On how he can get out of a funk or tough time as a play-caller…)
“Really, my job is to put these guys in better spots, and I don’t think I’ve consistently done a good enough job of that. Ultimately, you get into those rhythms when you sustain drives, you’re efficient on those early downs and you can kind of get into a rhythm. I did think we were fairly efficient on the third downs early on in the game, but we kind of just petered out in that fringe area before we could even get into the red zone on a couple of drives that we had to settle for a field goal. I’ve gotta be better. I have much higher expectations for myself. I haven’t been good enough. I’m not going to sit up here and make excuses. Like I tell our players all the time, ‘I see a lot better than I hear.’ Talk is cheap, we’ve gotta see the production, and ultimately when you look at it, I can be honest with myself and I don’t feel like I’ve done a good enough job for the standards, the expectations and we’re all in it together. We’ve gotta be able to produce, but I expect to put our guys in better spots and for the last couple weeks I have not done a good enough job of that.”

(On what he said to the team after the game…)
“Just that I appreciate the way that they continue to battle. I love this group, love these guys. You want to just feel like you can have a better influence on the outcome of the game and just do a better job within the framework of your role. But, what we’ll do is we’ll regroup. It’s very, very disappointing, but we do have a game a lot to play for next week and that’s where our focus and concentration will shift to after this.”

(On not playing their best late in the season and what he believes may be the overarching problem…)
“I think when you look at it, it’s just the inconsistencies offensively and on teams. I gotta go back and really look at it, but we didn’t do enough things to win this football game against a quality opponent like the Seahawks and for that we don’t make any excuses. We’ve got one game guaranteed and we gotta see if we can maximize that opp’ that we do have.”

(On if there is a chance that Goff’s injury could keep him out in week 17…)
“I’m not sure right now, I don’t want to speculate on that. I know he battled and I really have a lot of respect for the toughness that he exuded today to be able to finish that game out, and that’s really all I can say on that.”

(On if he could have imagined a scenario where his offense didn’t come up with a touchdown since their Super Bowl loss…)
“No, no it was tough. We had our chances and definitely would have liked some of those selections down in that tight red area back. They did a good job of kind of really teeing off and being able to win in the line of scrimmage and, like I said, certainly there were some better options in terms of the play selection and that falls on me.”