Colts QB Jacob Eason – Media Availability – September 19, 2021



How did the conversation with Carson Wentz play out when you went over to talk to him?
“I was just checking to see where he was at, what he was thinking. I’m trying to figure out if I was going in or not. It all happens pretty quick. You’re supposed to be ready, especially in the backup quarterback position it can happen any time. Obviously, that’s a tough situation there, but it’s part of the gig. Got to be ready for those moments.”


How do you mentally prepare for a situation like that?
“It’s tough to prepare for a situation like that. You just got to be locked in the whole game and I try to be. Obviously, you can’t predict when stuff like that is going to happen. I’m just glad I got an opportunity, not for Carson’s (Wentz) sake, but for my own sake to get one of those opportunities. Learn from it, grow from it and continue to improve and see things out there. We did a great job of overcoming a lot of mistakes today and staying in that game. I wish I could have done a better job of taking what they were giving me instead of trying to force some things here and there but it’s a great defense, a great team and looking forward to getting back on the practice field tomorrow and getting back to work.”


Did you feel like you forced that interception to Jalen Ramsey?
“It’s hard to say. Obviously, he’s a great player out there and I think in that situation I was probably trying to do too much. It’s a critical situation, we got to go a certain number of yards and get a field goal to tie it up and just go through my progressions and find the right guy.”