Chargers QB Easton Stick – Media Availability – August 14, 2021

Chargers QB Easton Stick – Media Availability – August 14, 2021

(On how his first extended playing time in a while felt)

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Felt really good. It was a lot of fun. This building is pretty special. It’s great to have fans back and have a little bit of energy in there and then just getting a chance to compete with the guys. We put so much work in since Coach got hired in January. And so to be able to go out there, play another team and do it together was a lot of fun.”

(On how comfortable he felt in this offense)

“Every day you get a little bit more comfortable. Today was a big step, I think doing it against somebody else, you’re out there on your own, you’re running the show. So day-by-day getting more comfortable. They’ve done a really good job, the plan they had this offseason during OTAs, finding a way to get everybody reps. They weren’t full speed mentally or going through it. And then just the way we were practicing. They got us prepared and so feeling good about it.”

(On if there was one play the he converted that gave him confidence)

“Oh, a ton. We were pretty fired up in the huddle before that one, saying we’ve got to go get this thing and find a way to extend this drive and try to get points. So it was a lot of fun to see those guys get some movement and Larry (Rountree II), bust a good one there, and keep moving the football. That was huge for us.”

(On the big completion down in the red zone)

“No. The naked game was good for us. We were able to get some guys on the edge and try to spread the ball out. We just try to be efficient, and I thought we were as an offense. Obviously you’d love to get a few more chunk plays in there and get some explosives. But guys just stuck to the plan and battled it out. It was a lot of fun to see those guys up front get some movement and guys run hard.”

(On his thoughts about the battle with Chase Daniel)

“I love competing with Chase (Daniel). It’s been great. He’s been such a blessing, I think, to our quarterback room. Obviously being in the system for five or six years, his relationship with Joe (Lombardi), his relationship with Coach (Brandon) Staley has really been helpful to myself, especially. But I think Justin (Herbert) would tell you the same thing. Been a really good mentor for us. And so he was great tonight on the sideline helping me out. I really appreciate Chase what he brings to our room.”

(On the practices with Niners and how they will impact him)

“That will be cool, looking forward to it. Haven’t had a chance to see how he (Trey Lance) did tonight but it was exciting to get his first action. I’m looking forward to seeing him. He’s an awesome competitor, a really good friend, and I’m happy for everything that he’s earned thus far. It will be cool to see him this week.”

(On if he thinks he will get the first half and Chase (Daniel) will get the second half next game)

“I couldn’t tell you. We’re just trying to get through this one and we’ll go from there. But I trust Coach (Brandon) Staley, however it works out, it will be good. Biggest thing is going up there and competing and it just felt good to play again.”