CB Darious Williams – Postgame Press Conference – January 9, 2021

(On how he was able to diagnose the screen play and intercept it for a touchdown…)
“I saw it a couple of times, I think we got it last week. With Jalen [Ramsey] being as dominant as he is, they have to try and move [DK] Metcalf around to get him away from Jalen and basically feature him. That’s a play that I knew was going to happen. I knew that they were going to try and feature him and get him the ball somehow, let him break tackles. And I just ran and jumped it.”

(On it being a high risk, high reward play and how he diagnosed when to go for the interception…)
“When I film study, I just memorize plays real good. I think that’s what helped me. I knew he was going to motion all the way over to one. The guys were tight and the big guy out there, I knew they were going to try and get him the ball and let him work.”

(On what it means to score five defensive touchdowns this year…)
“It’s big. Like I always say, it tells you the talent that we have in our locker room. Everybody can make plays. Every single body. From the front seven or front however many to the back seven, everybody can make plays. So I think that’s huge. Especially when you have an offense, I mean, our offense is good. Don’t get me wrong. They’ve been balling. But when you have a defense that can go out there and score, it just gives them all that more confidence.”

(On what the defensive mindset was going into today with the quarterback situation…)
“We always have each other’s backs. The defense, we always have our offense’s back, our defense, if we’re ever struggling, they have our back. I wasn’t really worried about the quarterback situation. I know [Jared Goff] has proven himself, he’s a hell of a guy. Obviously John [Wolford] had his [opportunities] and he killed his [opportunities]. I don’t think I looked past it. I just think our defense always has our offense’s back and our offense always has our back.”