Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald – Rams-Cardinals Postgame Quotes – December 29, 2019


(On if he thinks the team has come a long way since the beginning of the season)

“I think we did come a long way. To see (QB) Kyler’s (Murray) maturation and the way he was able to perform this year, I think it’s a runaway for Rookie of the Year for him. He’s Houdini back there. We have a really bright future here for this organization for a very long time. Good place to have him and try to build around him for years to come.”


(On if he has had a lot of fun playing this year)

“Yeah, the atmosphere, the positivity, I think it’s a lot of different reasons, but it’s been a great year. For a five-win season, I can’t remember having as much joy in the process only winning five games but being around these coaches, the teammates, the way they work every day and how serious they take football. It would have been easy for a lot of guys, young guys who have never experienced the NFL and knew we were eliminated from the playoffs in early December to pack it in, but it never was the case. Guys pushed through. The perfect example today was Kyler – he could have very easily sat today out. ‘What are we playing for? We’re out of the playoffs. What am I going to go out there and risk it for?’ He came out, threw for 300 yards, stayed in there against the premier pass rusher in the National Football League in (Rams DT) Aaron Donald and that shows a lot of character. I think guys see that and want to play with him.”

(On is he’s surprised he had this much joy playing in a season when the team went 5-10-1)

“Surprised? No, I think I kind of anticipated that because college coaches, they’re used to being around younger players and you have to have that energy and enthusiasm when you’re around 18, 19 or 20-year-olds. From the first time I met Coach (Kliff Kingsbury), I knew his mentality was completely different. What you see early on is that he’s not a know-it-all. Some guys you ask a question and they give you an answer just to give you an answer. He doesn’t do that. ‘You know what, ‘Fitz’, let me get back to you.’ Then he’ll get back to me, ‘I want you to do it like this.’ He doesn’t blow smoke. You really respect that about him. From day one he told me, ‘You have to earn your opportunities.’ The transparency and honesty, that’s all you can ask for.”


(On how this year plays into his decision to continue playing next season)

“I have to talk to (Cardinals Chairman and President) Michael (Bidwell) about next year. If they want me back and that’s an option, you kind of have to go through the checklist and process. But like I said, I love this organization with all my heart. I’ve gave everything I’ve had for 16 years and I just have to take a little time to figure it out and obviously talk to the boss man who makes all the decisions.”