Cardinals QB Kyler Murray – Rams-Cardinals Postgame Quotes – Dec. 29, 2019

(On his injury to his funny bone)

“It’s good. I just wasn’t really expecting that. You know, I kind of lost feeling in my pinkie (finger). I couldn’t really throw the ball after that. I had to let it die down, but once it did I was fine.”


(On what he thinks of the turnovers today)

“I always say, if I didn’t turn the ball over, I feel like we would’ve won the game just because we were moving the ball and those were kind of crucial turnovers. I’ve just got to learn from it, move on and we’ll get better from it.”


(On how much he lobbied to play in this game)

“It was really a game-time decision. I went out there, tried accelerating a couple times, didn’t really feel it. I got sore a little bit before the game, but other than that, I wanted to finish out the year for the guys and finish what I started, as far as playing all 16 games. You know, I think it went a long way.”


(On if he had to convince the coaches to let him play)

“No, they had to like convince me just because I’m more concerned, not wanting to injure it more. At the same time, I understood. It is what it is. I’m a competitor. If I hurt it, I’m going to hurt it. When I was out there, I wasn’t really thinking about it.”


(On how limited he was today)

“I couldn’t really get out of the pocket and move like that. For me, honestly, I think it helped me out, just standing in there and going through reads and progressions. Like I said, I think it’s a teaching lesson, a learning lesson for me. I’m kind of glad. Everything happens for a reason. I thought we played well today despite two turnovers that cost us.”


(On how he would evaluate this season)

“I’m not used to this, end of the season and not playing for anything after it. I think the growth we’ve shown from start to finish is what I’m most proud of. I know the guys are proud of it. It’s year one for us, a lot of guys have bought into the system. For us to come out here, play hard and not give up each and every game, to be honest. So going into next season, I think we’ll be pretty dangerous.”


(On if he was hesitant to scramble because of his injury)

“No, honestly, the guys kept me upright today, so I felt good back there.”


(On if his injury kept him from throwing a Hail Mary on the last play)

“No, I couldn’t move. It’s tough just because I knew I was going to have to roll out and get into it and I was just kind of limited.”


(On if it’s difficult losing after coming from college where he rarely lost)

“Yeah, definitely. I’ve won my whole life, but understanding what we were getting into at the beginning of the year. Understanding that I’m young, it’s a new coach, new system. You’re going to have ups and downs, and we understood that. But I think that we’ve come a long way from the beginning of the season. I think that’s what matters. Carrying that on to next season, I think we’ll just continue to get better and better.”


(On how much Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury shared with him that he was proud of him after playing through the injury)

“He told me plenty of times. I’ve never really been hurt or had to actually play through an injury, so this is a first for me. I’m glad I did it.”