Cardinals QB Kyler Murray – Media Availability – January 17, 2022

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray – Media Availability – January 17, 2022


(On how he would describe today)

“Disappointed. (We) prepare all week, all season to be where we are, and then again weren’t competitive at all. It’s disappointing that we didn’t make it a game and come out and play the football we know we’re capable of playing. That’s really the most disappointing part. Losing is one thing, but when you don’t even make it competitive, it’s another thing. So, that’s just disappointing.


(On how he would assess himself)

“Obviously, I put a lot on my shoulders, put a lot on myself. Like I said, to dream of this moment and then to be in the first game of playoffs and then to play the way I did play, the way we did, it’s like I said, it was disappointing.”


(On the Rams keeping their passing and running game down)

“I think it got out of hand early. It was one of those things where we have to be able to run the ball against those guys. You get into a drawback game, and they have three of the best rushers and passers along with good players in the back end, it’s tough. They’re a good team, a good defense and we didn’t execute our game plan.”


(On his thoughts on the season being a failure as DE JJ Watt said)

“I agree. I play in the Super Bowl. That’s the goal, that’s the mission, is to win the Super Bowl. Not to make it to playoffs or go to the second round. The goal is to win the Super Bowl. We felt short of that. So, yes, I agree.”


(On what he thought happened the last five weeks of the season and then today)

“I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you.”


(On if he thinks the Rams are Super Bowl contenders)

“I don’t know. Obviously, whoever plays the best next week or whenever. I’m not too worried about what they’re doing, to be honest.”


(On his frustration at the end of the season)
“Obviously just losing, I haven’t really thought about the future or anything like that. Trying to soak all this in. There’s a lot of emotions. Proud of the team, proud of the way we fought. Like I said, it was definitely a lot of disappointment, failure throughout the season and to end the season. But there’s definitely a lot to build on as well. Like I said, I’m proud of the guys. It’s just unfortunate. We didn’t play our best tonight.”

(On what this team needs to get over the hump)

“Again, I think that’s one thing we’ll address going forward. But right now, I don’t really have any words about the future, right now.”

(On it being tough with so many of his teammates hitting free agency)
“Yeah. I mean, again, that’s one of those things that it won’t sink in until maybe a couple days or whatever. But hopefully we can get some of those guys back, if not all of them. When you build relationships with these guys, that’s always the tough part about sports is here one day, gone the next. So (inaudible).

(On having a good week of practice but that not translating to the game).
“Just again, we didn’t execute. The plan was got away early. That’s really all I can say. And then we didn’t play well at all, so.”

(On what he was trying to do on the pick-six)
“At that point being sacked, it was safety. But I was just trying to get it out of the endzone. Guy happened to be there and pick it off, so it’s a tough situation.”