Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson – Rams – Cardinals Postgame Quotes – December 29, 2019


(On how you evaluate the season)

“We took some strides. Obviously, we had some early bumps in the road in the first half of the season. We found ways to string a win streak together. It just boils down to the little things, executing the plays when (Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury) Coach calls those calls in, being on one page, starting the game fast, playing with more energy because a lot of those games that we lost, we were playing behind the 8-ball. So, we start faster, have everybody playing on the same accord, we can definitely build on this season.”


(On what the expectations are going into the 2020 season)

“Very high, we are right there. As a secondary, we feel like we are going to be one of the better groups coming in to next year having so many young players having an opportunity to learn. End the season and learn how to prepare, learn how to practice, learn how to make proper checks, learn how to be a pro. That’s what it’s all about, finding your niche, finding your regiment that works for you and now you are going out there and playing fast for your brothers and the rest will be history.”


(On what it meant to you playing well the last three weeks)

“It felt great. Obviously, short-handed this year, only having the opportunity to play 10 games, but I wish I had the opportunity to play those six more. I feel like I’m really getting back into my groove, my legs are back under me, playing with a lot of fire, playing with a lot of energy. The guys really feed off that, like I always said, if I play really well, come out with a lot of intensity, nine times out of 10 we have a good opportunity to win ball games. So, I want to continue putting that fight and fire throughout this Arizona Cardinals team and hopefully it trickles down to the rest of the team and sparks some fire and hopefully we can get that thing rolling.”