Buccaneers TE Cameron Brate – Rams-Buccaneers Postgame Quotes – September 29, 2019

(On how big it was to get a win today)

“It was huge. Long trip, going against the defending NFC Champions. I don’t think too many people had the Bucs winning this one, but we had belief in the locker room and obviously we came out firing in the first quarter. We had a little bit of a lull during the middle of the game, but we finished strong and we were able to get a win on the road.”

(On Buccaneers HC Bruce Arians not having to tell you guys to not let up)

“Exactly, so we just looked one week back on what not to do with the big lead. So, it was dicey there in the fourth quarter for a little bit, for sure. (Buccaneers LB) Shaq (Shaquil Barrett) made a huge play and it was an awesome win for us.

(On second half being so close)

“Offensively, had a couple of drives where it stalled out. We weren’t really extending our drives, that was putting a lot of pressure on our defense. The Rams, they are a tough team to defend. They have playmakers all over the field. Obviously, there in the second half they were able to get some drives and put some pressure on us, but I thought (Buccaneers QB) Jameis (Winston) made some really good throws down the stretch and I can’t say enough about (Buccaneers WRs) Chris (Godwin) and Mike (Evans) with their play.”