Buccaneers QB Tom Brady – Media Availability – September 26, 2021

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady – Media Availability – September 26, 2021


(On what the Rams defense was able to do to contain the Buccaneers offense)

“We got off to a slow start. Anytime you do that, you’re fighting behind all day. I think we played a good team that didn’t turn the ball over. They played well offensively, and we just didn’t make enough plays on offense early to kind of take control of anything. Just not a great complimentary game by us. Got to learn from it. There (were) some things to see and the silent count and working on some different facets of our offense. But anytime you come up short, it’s not a great feeling.”


(On how much the crowd noise was an issue for them on offense)

“It’s good. It’s (a) very loud stadium. Very loud. One of the louder ones we’ve been in. But there’s a lot of other loud stadiums. We got to do a better job of handling it.”


(On running the ball and being the Buccaneers leading rusher this game)

“I think we’re all going to just really look hard to evaluate every part of what we’re doing. There’s never really good enough in football. I think that those guys up front are trying to create space and the backs are trying to run hard. And again, when you get out of losing all game, basically, you’re forcing more throwing than probably we’d want, but obviously the throwing needs to be better. All around offense needs to be better. More production in the red area. Tried to kick too many field goals. Need to be better on third down. We definitely had some opportunities to make some plays out there to help the team win. Just didn’t get it done.”


(On if he feels disappointed by only putting up 24 points compared to putting up 48 points against the Falcons and still feeling like he left stuff out there)

“We scored two defensive touchdowns last week. So, we got to be better on offense.”


(On if anything surprised him that the Rams did)

“They do a good job. Really, it’s just a good defense. They do a good job keeping balls in front of them. They make it tough on you on third downs and red areas. Obviously, they have some good pass-rush schemes. They have good pass rushers. They mix things up quite a bit on you. So, it’s hard to really just tee off, but they played well. They obviously played a very good game. They played the kind of game they wanted to play and if we’re going to beat a team like that, we got to play good in all phases. We got to get some turnovers and we got to keep protecting the ball and we got to start fast and get a lead and stay. Run the ball well, throw the ball well, play good defense, play good special teams and that all fits together when you play good teams.”


(On how Rams QB Matthew Stafford has evolved throughout his career)

“He’s a great quarterback. He throws a ball well. Obviously, they made some big plays on us. They have a good group of skilled players. They have very good offense. We need to match them. Our offense needs to match those offenses when we play a really good offense like that.”


(On how he expects his emotions to be going back to play in Foxborough for the first time since he left the Patriots)

“It’s a tough loss for us. So, I’ll just get through the plane and evaluate kind of what we need to do to put ourselves in a better position to win from a quarterback standpoint. I want to win every time I take the field.”


(On how different the defensive scheme was in terms of play calling versus what he saw a year ago)

“Pretty similar. They play really similar type stuff. They have good players. They have a good rush. Good coverage guys. I thought they played good on defense tonight.”