Bears QB Justin Fields – Media Availability – September 12, 2021

Bears QB Justin Fields – Media Availability – September 12, 2021


(On what it was like getting his first taste of NFL action)

“It felt great finally getting out there in some real NFL action with the starters and stuff like that. But, it wasn’t weird of me running in and out just because this past week we were practicing some of that stuff so I was used to it.”


(On how he stays engaged on the sideline when he’s not playing)

“Yeah, so earlier in the game I was pretty much acting like I was in the game. So when coach would say to play through the mic, I would just repeat it to myself and kind of act like I was saying it in the huddle. That’s pretty much how I was staying engaged and just making sure my legs were warmed up in case he called my package out there.”


(On what he saw on the touchdown run)

“That’s just a regular read option. Basically, reading the end, he froze a little bit and I thought I could beat him around the edge so I just tried to get the ball in the endzone, so pretty simple.”


(On what his expectation was for the number of snaps he would get in the game, and if it played out how he thought it would)

“I came in the game not expecting a certain amount of snaps. I was just ready to play whenever coach called my name. I wasn’t expecting a certain amount of snaps at all.”


(On the first throw being an RPO, and what he saw)

“Yeah, I just saw free access in boundary with (DB) Jaylon (Johnson) on (DB) Marqui (Christian), so I just took that little 5-yard speed up.”


(On what he gains out of 5 snaps in the first game)

“You get a feel about the atmosphere, and see how fast those guys are coming. It’s different behind the O-line, and the D-line and stuff like that, so it’s different when you’re actually on the field rather than being on the sideline. You just kind of get that experience in there and just being out there and getting used to the speed and stuff.”


(On what it felt like in the endzone when he scored)

“It was awesome. Of course, first career touchdown. I just wanted to celebrate with them. Of course, Cole (Kmet) those guys were excited, we were just talking about that in the locker room. He almost ran me over but, you know, we were all excited for sure. I just celebrated with my teammates.”


(On if he kept his touchdown ball)

“Yeah, I’m definitely going to keep the ball, sure.”


(On if he is excited to see how his role evolves throughout the season)

“I’m excited to be a part of this team, so however my role plays out I am going to be here for the team, and whatever this team and Coach (Matt) Nagy need me to do to help us win I am going to do.”


(On if he stopped to take in the moment of it being his first game)

“I’m not going to lie, I was doing that during the game. I was like, ‘Yeah, this is crazy.’ Then at halftime I was like, ‘Yeah, this is still crazy.’ It was definitely awesome getting out there and just being out on the field. Earlier today I was thinking I never thought I’d be in this position so just me being here is amazing and I am just grateful for it, for sure.”


(On what he felt looking around the stadium for the first time)

“It’s just crazy. When I was a kid, I was kind of a realist so I never really thought I would have the talent, growing up to make it into the NFL. It’s just crazy seeing myself here and just seeing God working, and just me being here in this moment.”



(On what he gained and learned from spending the first week doing scouts)

“I was just trying to do my best at practice and pretty much torch our defense every time I was out there with the first team defense and the scout offense. I’m definitely taking every rep seriously and try to get better every play and whatever scout team play that they have I try to kind of correlate it to our playbook and try to read it like our offense. So, definitely I’m getting good work with those guys.”


(On if he is able to see the effect that practice will have on his play down the line)

“Yeah, for sure. When I’m doing scout offense stuff, I’d do probably more stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily try in the games, so it’s good seeing what I can and can’t do throwing wise and stuff like that. So, I can definitely try some stuff that I wouldn’t try in a game right now. But, as I progress and get better, I’d definitely be more comfortable doing some of those things in the game.”