Bears QB Andy Dalton – Media Availability – September 12, 2021

Bears QB Andy Dalton – Media Availability – September 12, 2021


(On what his intentions were before getting picked off)

“Yeah, I was going to (Bears WR Darnell) Mooney on that one and unfortunately it got tipped, and when balls get tipped in this league, they more times not end up in the other team’s hands. And so unfortunately it happened. It was a really good drive for us. I thought we kind of set the tone early with how we were wanting to play. But, unfortunately, we weren’t able to finish that one.”


(On how odd it is for QB Justin Fields to come in for one snap here and there)

“Yeah, first time doing it. But, we’ve got some good stuff for him and obviously it helped us. He was able to score a touchdown. We’re trying to do and find ways to put the ball in the end zone. it’s just kind of part of how we’re going to play.”


(On how the two-quarterback system has affected him)

“It doesn’t affect me at all.”


(On being conscious of the left tackle situation)

“I think it’s a good front, obviously, and when you have injuries, guys have to step up and play. I think just the kind of the way this defense plays, they limit the big play and they make you just kind of move the ball down the field. You see the drives that we scored on. I mean, I don’t know how many plays there were, but you had to find a way to get first downs and keep moving ball all the way down the field. You’re not going to get very many explosives against this team.”


(On how much things open up when RB David Montgomery was running the way he did)

“David ran really hard and it’s fun to see because you’ve seen it all camp, and know what all he can do. And now you get him in game atmosphere and for him to run the way he did, I love to see the way he played.”


(On his takeaways from the touchdown drive with 16 points in ten minutes)

“To able to convert on third downs – that’s one of the things that you have to be able to do. You have to keep drives going, keep finding ways to keep getting these first downs.  And 16 plays – that’s a long drive.’


(On what he saw on the play where he converted the third down with Bears TE Jimmy Graham in a one-on-one)
“It was Jimmy one-on-one and it’s basically what it was and gave him a shot. He made a great catch and it got us down there, and the adjustments, they were punched in after that.”


(On if he had other players that you have a shot lined up and it just, they just took it away)

“No, I think just kind of the way that they play and we knew that we were going to have to just keep moving the ball down the field. That one, we had a shot and, unfortunately, they were able to get back and get me on that one.”


(On what the tone is in the locker room after the loss)

“It’s a long season. I think everybody understands that. And I think if you look at the way the division shook out today, we’re still in the same position. We have to look at today. We’ve got to find the areas that we need to get better at and things that we need improve on and get ready for next week.


(On if he was surprised that they went through so many fourth down attempts)

“I think being aggressive is a good thing and we had opportunities. We were close on all of them. I think it’s just kind of the way that we want to play.”


(On what required the timeout after the interception and penalty)

“I think just the clock running down and getting everything situated.”