49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo – Media Availability – January 9, 2022

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo – Media Availability – January 9, 2022


(On when he knew he was going to be playing)

“I think it was Tuesday. We did a throwing session, tested (it) out – kind of turned it into a game-like scenario. I kept being aware of it the whole week, but I had a pretty good feeling on Tuesday that I was going to be able to do it. And it was just a matter of pain tolerance really.”


(On how much his thumb affected him during the game and how it feels now)

“(It) feels great. (It) feels great right now (laughs) – after a win, of course. It got better as it (went on). Honestly, with injuries like that, your body’s just learning and adapting the whole time. So early on, it was pretty numb, so it felt alright and then just got better and better as it went. I think my arm just kind of learned how to adapt to it.”


(On what his emotions were like after the game given the way it went)

“A lot of emotions throughout the whole game. Just the ups and downs, getting off to a slow start and then coming back like we did. It took everything. We say that a lot of weeks, but this one really did. I felt it after the game. I know a lot of guys in that locker room did. It was worth it though. It was one of those games that you won’t forget anytime soon.”


(On if he had assistance with pain management)

“I did (laughs). (It) helped a lot (laughs).”


(On if it’s still numb)

“It feels alright. It’s doable though.”


(On it being a balancing act and wanting to have all the sensation in his hand)

“That was kind of what we were doing just this past week. Even on Tuesday, kind of finding the right tape job. We had a brace originally. (I) give the trainers a lot of credit. They’ve really been through a lot with me this week. Just putting up with me with this and everything, but it was worth it.”


(On how 49ers WR Jauan Jennings has been playing)

“Yeah, he really has. (49ers WR) Jauan (Jennings) is just one of those guys. The moment’s never too big for him, he’s ready for it. Third downs, redzone, when his number is called – you just see it in the huddle, you see it in the guy’s eyes when he is ready for it. Jauan never hesitates, never blinks. You love having a guy like that, especially in those crucial situations.”


(On not knowing when you’re going to get hit and what type of throw it took to get the ball to WR Deebo Samuel in the deep zone)

“(The Rams) played like a little shell. I think (CB Jalen) Ramsey was the cloud out there and I was just doing a little high-low game with him, tried to get him to bite up on (49ers TE) George (Kittle). He took one step to it, and I knew I had a window to (49ers WR) Deebo (Samuel). It was pretty tight, but Deebo made a nice catch on it. And the run after catch, that’s what that guy does. He’s the best in the league at it. When you have guys like that, like we have – ‘B.A.’ (49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk), Deebo, Jauan, George, all the running backs, “Juice’ (49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk) – and you could get them the ball in space, those guys are going to go make plays for you. And that’s really what I was trying to do today, just let those guys go make plays and let those guys be special.”


(On what happened at halftime that turned it around for them)

“We just started making plays, honestly. It wasn’t anything crazy. It wasn’t scheme or anything like that. It was just guys were making plays and guys stepped up in big moments. (The) defense really gave us a shot. It was really a full team effort today. (The) defense holding them in crucial situations. (49ers CB) Ambry (Thomas) at the end with the big interception too, that was awesome.”


(On how the team is resilient given the playoff berth after starting the game down by 17 points and starting the season 3-5)

“We’re fighting through a fire thing right now (laughs), so it’s just the group of guys we got. It really is guys love each other in that locker room, care about each other. And I think that goes a long way when you get into those tough situations and that’s when it shows.”


(On if it felt like a home game)

“Towards the end, yeah. First half, we didn’t give our fans enough to cheer about, but towards the end, that red started getting loud. (The) Faithful really came out.”