49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo – Media Availability – January 30, 2022

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo – Media Availability – January 30, 2022


(On his emotions with the hug outside the locker room with 49ers General Manager John Lynch and what he is feeling)

“Like you’d imagine, it was tough. But, you know, a hell of a game out there. That’s a good team. Tip your hat to the Rams, but it was an emotional locker room like you’d expect. It’s a tough one.”


(On how the week was and how it felt to lead  his team to an NFC Championship)

“I just love this team. I’ve said it before to you guys, but everything we’ve been through started with the offseason into training camp. It was a roller coaster of a year. It really was. We fought through it. Good team – we’re a resilient team and that’s what good teams do, fight through things like that, and come out better on the other end from it.”


(On what was going on with the team’s closings the last two games)

“Some bad execution. It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. There are a million things. I won’t get into all of them, but, yeah, that’s a tough way to end it. Especially the way we battled the whole game. We knew it was going to be a dogfight. It always is against these guys. It’s a tough one.”


(On how this could be one of his last games with the 49ers and how those emotions affect this moment)

“They hit pretty hard in the locker room. I think these next couple of days, it will really start to settle in a little bit. Emotions are high after a game, a win, or a loss. It’s just one of those things you got to be glad it happened. Just smile from it and think about the good things. We’ll see what happens in these next couple of days, weeks, whatever, but I love this team. The fight and the battle of this team throughout the entire year has been really impressive and I love these guys.”


(On how does this loss compare to anything he’s experienced in his career)

“It’s tough, it’s tough. It’s probably a little different than most of them. Just how much we put into this year. Since the last time we played the Rams, the injury list that guys have played through during the playoffs this run, it’s insane. I’m sure every team is going through it, but when it’s your team and you’re in it with them, you see it firsthand, (49ers T) Trent Williams, (49ers RB) Elijah Mitchell, the list goes – (49ers WR) Deebo (Samuel). The list goes on and on. It’s impressive what we accomplished. Obviously, we came up short but it was a fun year.”


(On if he noticed anything the Rams were doing differently this game)

“They had a couple of new things in the run game. Coverages were a little different, too. When you play a team for the third time, you got to expect something like that.”


(On the decision to punt on fourth and two, how did he feel about that)

“That’s not my decision to make. Whatever (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) decides, it’s his decision, his choice.”


(On how he managed the pressure and expectations)

“I don’t know. I don’t know. A lot of good people around me. A lot of good people in this organization, players. Just people in general. Surround yourself with good people and good things will take care of themselves.”


(On how special the 49ers roster is)

“It’s very unique. I think every team kind of says that, but when you meet these guys and get to know them like brothers, it’s a great group. It’s a great group. Love being with them every day battling, fighting, going to war with these guys. It was a fun year.”


(On how he felt Samuel’s effectiveness was overall during the game)

“I thought it was good. You have to tip your hat to that guy. His conditioning is outrageous. To do what he does; kickoff return, running back, receiver, everything. He had an incredible catch and run today on that screen. I thought he played his ass off. He has all playoffs, all season. He’s one of those guys I love to have in the foxhole.”


(On how the 49ers pulled it out when nobody was necessarily talking about them)

“That’s kind of our year in a nutshell. We were three and five at one point. People wrote us off. We just kept fighting. That’s what good teams do. That’s what tight brothers do and I got no regrets from this year.”